Barack Obama -- Believe it or Not -- Was Born in Hawaii, According to Government Officials

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett
Believe it or not (the "birthers" still won't), President Obama was born in Hawaii, according to the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett's appears to have convinced the State of Hawaii to "verify" the president's birth certificate, and as has been the case since 1961 -- and subsequently verified in 2008 and 2011 -- Obama's from Hawaii. Ya know, America.

"Regarding the inquiry from the Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, requesting a verification of birth for President Obama from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, the matter has been resolved," writes Joshua Wisch, an assistant to Hawaii's Attorney General. "We have received information from Secretary Bennett that satisfied our requirements, and have therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama."

Bennett was asking Hawaii to verify the president's birth certificate due to constituent concerns, also known as conspiracy theories from wing-nut "birthers."

Bennett had previously threatened to keep Obama off Arizona's ballots in November if Hawaii didn't take this step, while officials over in Hawaii got off their surfboards to say they'd do it as soon as Bennett proves he's doing this for "a legitimate government purpose."

"The Department explained that if Secretary Bennett wanted information beyond what is publicly available, then...Secretary Bennett would need to provide legal authority showing that his office is 'a governmental agency or organization who for a legitimate government purpose maintains and needs to update official lists of persons in the ordinary course of the agency's or organization's activities,'" Wisch said in a previous email. "Once Mr. Bennett can show this, he will be provided the 'verification in lieu of a certified copy'...

That was about three months ago that Hawaii's AG said Bennett would have to do this, but Bennett finally got his answer yesterday.

Hawaii government officials have already done this dance a few times, but Bennett himself already explained why he'd requested this verification in an email obtained by conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, and it's not about updating lists.

"Because of the importance and profile of the president's case, and at the request of many constituents, I have gone the extra step of asking the state of Hawaii to verify the facts contained in his birth certificate," Bennett's email said, which was confirmed by his spokesman.

Bennett actually explained himself yesterday, in an interview with KTAR's afternoon chit-chatters, Mac & Gaydos.

"If I embarrassed the state, I apologize," Bennett said.

I hate to break it to you, Bennett, but scores of people have already beat you to embarrassing the state, although asking for Obama's birth certificate probably didn't help.

Of course, the "birther" crap will keep up with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "investigation" and all, but Hawaii says -- yet again -- that Barack Obama the Hawaiian is a real thing.

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Arizona. The First Lady of the President of the United States speaks on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, 2012 on the Jon Stewart show.

After the First Lady speaks, Jon Stewart has a entire show dedicated to the Arizona Birthers, Tea  Party, Russ Pierce, his brother Les or Lew, and contraception laws.

After Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert picks up the discussion with Ken Bennett and his relationship with Mitt Romney, J.T. Ready, Paul Babeu, and the Palins with a winter home in Scottsdale.

Tuesday night will be a night of laughs after 10:00 PM on Cox Cable 1051.

Congratulations Arizona, your a party of amusing twits.


The other 49 states of equally stupid twits.

PS: Give us some time, we'll catch up. Thanks for pushing the plow of ineptness and stupidity to a new level.


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Why won't Bennett investigate Romney for being a unicorn unless he has something to hide ?

Come on Bennett, you've already made yourself and Arizona look like
the bigger fools than people already thought possible, why stop there ?


Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins 1 Like

I will give Mr. Bennett this much. He said something you will NEVER hear from the local sheriff, "If I embarrassed the state, I apologize,"

It also sets up what promises to be a HUGE conflict between the acting governor and the self proclaimed King of Maricopa County.

Imagine the conflict, now that the #2 most powerful (by position) politician in state politics has openly stated that he has received certification that Mr. Obama is indeed a citizen who was born in Hawaii, as opposed to the local sheriff who sends people thousands of miles out of their jurisdiction to "investigate" something that is NOT even a crime, and for which there is NO KNOWN PROBABLE CAUSE.

A local county sheriff.

One of fifteen in Arizona, vs. the Secretary of State.

Get a clue, shurf. Your political witch hunt has just died.


There is voter suppression uppermost on the Teathuglicant agenda.  No matter the outcome of these insane and evil subplots, no matter if Bennett has backed off this one for now, do not take your eyes off the offices of the Secretary of State or the County Elections Directors (usually the County Recorder).

As recently released surveys have shown, the Hispanic and other minority
American native-born populations are exploding.  Even the white Mormon,
Catholic, and uber fundamentalist Protestant baby-making machinery can't
keep up.  This is a threat to the Teathuglicants because more and more,
minorities are voting Democratic (would you vote for a party that had no respect for who you are?).

SB 1070 is and always will be a voter suppression initiative.  "Self-deportation" is not innocent or benign:  the intention is for American Citizens of Hispanic descent to leave the state or country along with their undocumented family members or because they are afraid of being persecuted by the "papers please" provisions of 1070 also known as being stopped for Driving While Brown.

Look for the next wave of voter suppression to be rousting Arab-American and African-American citizens on their way to the polls and to disqualifying the ballots from certain zip codes from being counted. 


 Ballots from certain zip codes:  I meant mail-in ballots from certain zip codes.

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

"If I embarrassed the state yesterday, I apologize" --SOS Ken Bennett

IF?! Jesus Ken you're as bad as the MCSO shurf when he issued a half-assed "apology" regarding the 432 sex crimes his detectives never investigated.

You knew all about Article IV Section I to the U.S. Constitution, Article VI Section II of the U.S. Constitution, and the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. You knew full well that the president was born in Hawaii and you still pandered to the imbecilic birther bullshit.

Yes Ken, you ARE an embarrassment to the State of Arizona. Good luck getting elected governor in 2014. I know I won't vote for you.

Easkey Stewart
Easkey Stewart

 This is doing the rounds on FB - is it a rouse?


 What condescending crap this is - Bennett simply asked for verification, not a copy of copy of a forgery, or some other birther shit, just that Hawaii verify they have a legitimate record. They could've sent this months ago, but nooo, they wanted to play more games and string it along to feed the need for more media coverage.
 Whoever signed their name to this verification, however, may have just slipped their head into a legal noose because no matter what any die-hard Barry fan might try to argue away, Obama's Conn. social security number can not be explained - by anyone.
 Nobody spends millions of dollars in court battles to keep their history hidden without a very big reason, and very soon the info. on Obama getting into college as a foreign student will be released and make this noise seem like a cricket chirping. So relax my liberal friends, the ride has only just started.


Dumb shit! Get a life you dope!




 Any. Day. Now., IndieCon!




I'm sure that Onaka (who signed the verification) is worried sick about the legal consequences of his verification! 

I guess I missed the part of the Constitution that said anything about Social Security numbers. :o)~

david saint
david saint

just because you, or joe, or the GOP says you need to see proof, doesnt mean shit! Checks and balances, especially as it pertains to medical records is nothing new. You think another state is just going to bow down to some county sheriff who thinks he is GOD? about feeling entitled...


why does Hawaii need to do this continually over and over again?

it's not like they are hiding anything, they've done it already.

stop denying the facts that have already been presented, it makes it pointless to even discuss the matter if you refuse to see what's there already.

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

Um, you do know that your Social Security number is assigned randomly by the SSA?

A family member of mine was born in California but has a Virginia Social Security number.

I think that explains everything. Now, take out your dentures, put them in the Polident, slip on the straitjacket, take those meds, and go to sleep. It's gonna be a long night for you.    


 Hallucinate much?   None of your assertions is a fact. Either you are prevaricating (lying or making it up) or someone has been lying to you and, in your willingness to be duped because it is the scenario you want to be true, you have swallowed it whole.  

Yours are the explanations of someone whose ability to respect real evidence (even if it conflicts with your prejudices) and to think critically has been replaced by the closed-universe minds of self-created conspiracy hysterics.   Also known as paranoids.

No matter how much a lie is repeated, it is still a lie.  No matter how much falsified and imagined bogus non-evidence is bloviated, it is still a lie.


Obama's social security number myth debunked here:

Perhaps its time you learned to use the Internet for something other than porn and conspiracy theories?Your complaint is that Hawai'i followed its law and asked Bennett to simply comply with that law as well. You know, follow the Rule of Law.Bennett spent 3-months whining, then spent 5 minutes typing, and he was immediately given his verification.Why do you birthers always oppose the rule of law?


Maybe it's difficult for you to understand, but Hawaii has laws, and the Department of Health takes them very seriously.  In order for them to issue a birth certificate or a letter of verification, they are required to determine if the requesting entity meets the criteria for receiving such documents.  Just saying "I have the right" isn't enough.

The social security number can be explained easily - a simple typo or bad handwriting somewhere along the line transcribing a 9 into a 0.  Their geographical assignment system only cares about matching the state to the pool of numbers.  The first three numbers of the zip code deliberately correspond to a particular state.


 But y_p_w, this is a "Constitutional crisis of biblical proportion"!  The laws shouldn't apply when the entire future of US democracy hangs in the balance!

Where is your patriotism?!

(Yes, a birther actually said what I quoted.)


Meds.  They can work for you.  Maybe talk therapy.  Sometimes that works.


Romney claims to have born at Harper Hospital in Detroit, MI.  Harper Hospital is less than 7 miles from Windsor, Ontario, CA.  Very suspicious, if you ask me.  Romney comes from a family that moved to foreign countries solely for the purpose of evading American law on bigomy.  Was Romeny really born at Harper Hospital, or was he born in Windsor, Ontario and quickly shuttled to Harper Hospital just to be able to claim U.S. Citizenship just so that he could one day run for President of  the U.S.?

Romeny left Stanford after just 1 year to spend almost 3 years undergoing socialist indoctrination in France.  In his most impressionable and intellectually formative years, Romney was being introduced to and indoctrinated the socialist systems that were taking root in France and the rest of Western Europe with their huge and over-reaching social services and pensioner programs

Not only that, Romney's father George is the son of Mexican residents.  George Romeny, being born in Mexico, was not a native born U.S. Citizen, thus precluding both him and all of his progeny from ever running for President or meeting the Constitutional requirement to hold the position of President.

Clearly Romney was not born in the U.S., is a socialist out to destroy America, and is not Constitutionally qualified to serve as President because his dad was born in Mexico.



Incredulous, the Romney Birther conspiracy is born and will never die. Once, I heard Romney say 'aboat' instead of about.

Clearly. He is a plant from the Canuk conspiracy.

Where is a copy of his (obviously forged) birth certificate. Even the name of his hospital, Harper, is a Canadian Prime Minister.


just sayin
just sayin

I assume the ride you are talking about is, in circles, on your tricycle, screaming at the top of your lungs, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling". Say hi to your freinds on the planet melmac for me.

US War Veteran
US War Veteran 1 Like

Are you aware that the State of Hawaii HAD PROVIDED VERIFICATION TWICE BEFORE, in 2008 AND 2011 to the FACT that PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS BORN IN HAWAII, how many fucking verifications does it take for the imbeciles with birther theories to finally admit that the BLACK MAN in the "WHITE" HOUSE is an American Citizen and has every right to hold the office of the President of the United States.

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

US, I suspect that Bennett did not take the step of pandering to the birthers at constituent request.

I believe that Bennett took the step of making an ass of himself at the behest of the MCSO shurf, a mentally ill old man who is attempting to claim that the president is out to get him so that the Justice Department won't drag him away kicking and screaming like a 4 year old.

Of course, we all know that the Old Fool is currently being sued by the feds for racial profiling and will soon be led away in cuffs after the feds nail him for criminal abuse of power.  


and for using his badge to violate peoples constitutional rights?


Interesting that in 1893 corrupt Capitalist corporations (Romney calls them "people") overthrew the native government of Hawaii which had been continuous in that country since 300 CE.  The United States Government was complicit in that act.  Now, a native Hawaiian has taken control of the United States back from the corrupt Capitalist corporations which controlled it (corporate "people" don't ever die you know - those legal "chains of ownership" still exist today).  I'd call it a VICTORY for indigenous people everywhere - also, remember this, DON'T FUGK WITH HAWAIIANS!

From Wikipedia:

In January 1893, Queen Liliʻuokalani
was overthrown and replaced by a Provisional Government composed of members of
the Committee of Safety. Controversy filled the following years as the queen
tried to re-establish her throne. The administration of President Grover
Cleveland commissioned the Blount Report, which concluded that the removal of
Liliʻuokalani was illegal. The U.S. government first
demanded that Queen Liliʻuokalani be reinstated, but the Provisional Government
refused. Congress followed with another investigation, and submitted the
Morgan Report on February 26, 1894, which found all parties (including Minister
Stevens) with the exception of the queen "not guilty" from any
responsibility for the overthrow.[48] The accuracy and impartiality of both the
Blount and Morgan reports has been questioned by partisans on both sides of the
debate over the events of 1893.[47][49][50][51]


In 1993, a joint Apology Resolution regarding the overthrow
was passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton, apologizing for the
overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.[51] It is the first time in American history
that the United States government has apologized for overthrowing the
government of a sovereign nation.


Behold the power of the press.  Well done, Mr. Hendley, in getting Bennett off his lazy duff and respond to a 3-month old response from Hawai'i. Notice how the HI team was able to respond, in kind, almost immediately.

Bennett sure loved to whine, but actually doing anything seemed to escape him. It took public exposure of his birther predilections to get him to do something as simple as answering an email.

Perfect metaphor for his entire tenure as AZ Sec. of State, wouldn't you agree?

Just another example of what happens when you turn the state over to the wingnuts and lock out true conservatives.

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