Amar'e Stoudemire Joins Ex-Team (Phoenix Suns) on Sideline After Apparent Tantrum

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Amar'e Stoudemire won us over during his eight-year stint with the Phoenix Suns, with his sheer strength and remarkable athletic ability.

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We never saw him as the "next" Michael Jordan or whoever, but as an All-Star level player when healthy who -- serious defensive liabilities aside -- put his team on his back more than once.

Stoudemire signed an enormous long-term deal with the New York Knicks a few years ago, but his time in the Apple has been marked by lots of losses, injuries, and now this:

A major-league temper tantrum after Monday night's 10-point loss to the superior Miami Heat likely has cost his team any chance of providing the Heat with a competitive first-round series in the NBA playoffs.

It happened immediately after the game, one in which the Knicks hung around for quite a while and one that was entertaining to watch, with great individual play by the usual suspects -- LeBron, D-Wade and the gang.

Stoudemire took out his frustrations on the glass door of a fire extinguisher casing near his team's locker room.

The door won.

Stoudemire's left hand required 15 stitches, and he left the Miami arena in a sling, looking almost as sheepish as he was downcast.

He will be out of action when the teams play again in New York in a few days. The Knicks probably will be out of action for the season after Game Four in New York, i.e. a Miami sweep seems in the cards.

We did get a kick out of a post that Stoudemire put up on his Twitter acccount, which is @Amareisreal: "I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions.''

Some clever person with too much time on his/her hands then created a new account, this one for the "abused" fire extinguisher. It's @AAAExtinguisher.

"Where's my apology?'' the extinguisher asked, later adding. "I busted my glass to get where I'm at."

Funny stuff, but not for the New York Knicks and one of their super-duper stars.



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Susan Rastella
Susan Rastella

Stoudemire is used to violence in his family.  In fact, it seems to be a trait shared among them:

Amare emotional as brother sentenced to 9.5 years

by Brian Anthony Hernandez - Jun. 26, 2009 05:50 PM
The Arizona Republic

Phoenix Suns star Amare Stoudemire choked up during testimony and his left leg shook vigorously as a judge sentenced his half-brother to 9   years in prison in connection with a botched armed robbery that turned deadly in 2007.

Marwan Williams, 20, was sentenced Friday for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

"I was his father figure . . . I used to read him bedtime stories," Stoudemire said in a Maricopa County Superior Court room in Mesa, adding that when he got drafted into the NBA, his brother's "father" was gone. 

Stoudemire's relationship with his half-brother was "the most stable relationship (Williams) has had in his entire life," said Michael Bayless, a psychologist who evaluated Williams' mental state October 2007, three months after the fatal crime.

Suspected drug dealer Ian Stenhouse was shot to death July 4, 2007, in a Scottsdale hotel room while trying to fight off his armed attackers, according to police reports.

The suspects plotted only to rob Stenhouse of money and drugs. When plans went awry and the scuffle erupted, Stenhouse was shot in the chest. The bullet then blasted through the shower in Suite 561 and fell in an adjoining room at the Hospitality Suites Resort, 409 N. Scottsdale Road. Williams was in a car and not in the room during the shooting, police reports state.

Court records reported that Williams was involved in the plot to rob Stenhouse.

The victim's mother, Linda Cole, cried sporadically throughout the trial.

"(Stenhouse) was not only my son; he was a father and a brother," she said, addressing Williams before he was sentenced. "Your involvement has taken him away from me, but you will never take my memories and love for him."

A letter read aloud in court written by the victim's 8-year-old son, Gage, stated: "I hope you keep all the bad people in jail forever."

Others charged in the crime include James Doskocil, Ryan Moore, Gastonia Nesmith and Pierre Taylor. Moore was sentenced to 21 years for second-degree murder. The others await sentencing.

Williams clenched his fist as if he were in deep prayer for most of the trial, often staring down at his blue button-down shirt while people testified. Williams also must pay restitution of $10,983.77 to Stenhouse's family.

"I did not wish death on nobody," said Williams, his voice cracking, before Superior Court Judge Emmet Ronan announced the sentencing. "I did not have a father, and I never wanted anyone else to grow up without one.

"But what could I do? I was scared. I am sorry for your loss. I am very sorry."

Read more:


Amare is a douche. As a employee in a local bar/restaurant that he often frequented I can say this with confidence. Not only was he rude and disrespectful to staff and fans, he was also a hideous tipper. 5%-10% across the board and frequently he walked on his tabs. Good riddance. I hope he gets a staff infection and bed bugs.  

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Who cares?    It's an entertainment's not a sporting event.     The teams that have the best demographics always win.   

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