Wil Cardon's Huge in Bangladesh. Jeff Flake Campaign Thinking He's Really Not

Categories: Election 2012
If Wil Cardon were running for Senate of that little green patch, he'd probably have it in the bag.
U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon is liked by thousands of people.

Unfortunately, most of those people are in Bangladesh, according to the campaign of his primary opponent Jeff Flake, which is thinking Cardon's the latest politician to fudge the numbers on a social media website in the name of popularity.

Similar to Newt Gingrich faking his Twitter followers -- which he used to prove he was the most popular candidate for the GOP presidential nomination -- Flake's campaign is pointing out that most of Cardon's near-5,500 Facebook followers are from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

You can see this by looking at the "insights" on Cardon's Facebook page, which sure enough, says Dhaka is Cardon's most popular city.

"Wil Cardon, Arizona's millionaire self-funding Senate candidate purports to have created hundreds of jobs," the Flake campaign release says. "Perhaps he's being modest in not counting the 5,398 fans that he has on Facebook."

Flake's campaign notes that it's probably impossible to tell why the Bangladeshi people are so hot on Cardon, but points out that it is possible someone used a website like "buyfacebookfans.com" to do it.

"Money can't buy love but it can buy you likes," Flake campaign spokesman Andrew Wilder says in a statement. "Perhaps his campaign simply resonates more in Dhaka than with the voters of Arizona."

The campaign notes that Flake's "most popular city" is Phoenix, and Democratic rival Richard Carmona's is Tucson.

Just for a quick reference, Phoenix is most popular for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his election foe Mike Stauffer, Governor Jan Brewer, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Senator Jon Kyl, and Congressmen David Schweikert, Ben Quayle and Paul Gosar. Senator John McCain's hot in Atlanta, for some reason.

Speaking to the Hill, a Cardon spokeswoman said they were "completely unaware," and it was a "lame attempt" by Flake to take the spotlight from this story about Flake's time as a lobbyist "for an African uranium mine with financial ties to Iran."

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Can just one person looking for my vote please tell me how they plan to fix "anything" not just repeal everything with no "solutions". Finish "I'll stop ______ by doing ________"


Jason Rose strikes again!



Wil Cardon is a Russell Pearce "mini me".  Have you seen the commercials this bigot airs?  He is the patron saint of racist fascism and ought to get swallowed by the depths of hell.  No one with his psychopathic make-up should be allowed to make decisions for the other 80% of us.  Only those fools on the ultra-conserv sites would buy into his ilk.


He's a ginger too. Everyone knows gingers are evil incarnate...


Cardon Children's Hospital doesnt elevate his stature even a little?

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