Should Daniel Patterson Be Expelled From the House Now?

The Arizona Capitol: A Spike Lee joint.
The report from an ethics investigation into state Representative Daniel Patterson was released Monday, as team of lawyers selected by House Speaker Andy Tobin found quite a few reasons as to why they believe Patterson should be expelled from the House.

Among several other things in the report, investigators claim Patterson routinely ignores House rules, "verbally abuses, assaults, and harasses" people at the Capitol, is possibly violating court orders, has offered to trade sex for his vote on a bill, and may have written that Facebook post under his ex-girlfriend's name recanting domestic-violence allegations.

A motion to vote on Patterson's expulsion yesterday failed, but people like House Minority Leader Chad Campbell have been hellbent on getting Patterson out of there.

Patterson's said he's not being afforded due process throughout this saga, although the report released Monday explicitly states Patterson "has been given process due him as a matter of law."

Still, Patterson will have a chance to respond to the report, and that response is due next week.

According to the report, Patterson wasn't exactly being helpful during his interview with investigators, which probably didn't help his case.

"Rep. Patterson simply lacks any credibility with regard to the allegations of misconduct outlined in this report and has failed to provide us with any reason to believe that the sworn allegations made against him in the various Declarations presented with this report and our other witness statements are inaccurate or over-stated," the report says.

This morning's question: Given all of the allegations revealed in this week's report, should Patterson be expelled from the House now?

Cast your vote below:

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I must say, I saw a video clip of him going ballistic on Russell Pearce because the Slime Ball was refusing to give him a straight answer.  For that brief few moments in time, I thought he might be worth holding on to since everyone else seemed to be intimidated by Pearce.  But, yeah, he really does appear to be unstable.


Give him a raise for being up front and honest.

The Lou Show
The Lou Show

Fire him for being a sociopath (and posting as the dual personality of "Jan" and "Joe").

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