Opening Day Poll: Will the Arizona Diamondbacks Be a World Series Contender?

It's officially baseball season for the Arizona Diamondbacks starting at 4 p.m. today, as the Snakes start a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants at Chase Field.

The D'Backs won the National League West division title last year, but lost in five games against the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Division Series.

This year, however, the D'Backs are a hot pick for way-too-early World Series predictions.

Sixteen of ESPN's 49 baseball "experts" think Arizona's headed to the World Series this year.

A full zero think they can actually win it.

The Diamondbacks are the easiest Valley team to be optimistic about, so we'll gauge your predictions from day one.

Will the Arizona Diamondbacks be a World Series contender?

Cast your vote below:

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I think it will be tough to move past either Philly or San Francisco this year. 
My predictions are like this.
NL East. Philly.
NL Central. Cincinnati.
NL West. San Francisco.
Wild cards Florida and Arizona.

ptcgaz topcommenter

btw I can now eat crow as the Phillies have been the biggest fail I have ever seen. However the Dbacks are choking and so is Florida. What a season. That's why I like Baseball.


BTW my hometown (at one point) Reds are kicking ass in the Central!


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