MCSO Deputies Find Six "Illegals" in the Desert; Joe Arpaio Takes Credit for Saving Their Lives

Self-proclaimed lifesaver, Kenyan socialist president investigator, and Steven Seagal fanboy Joe Arpaio.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he may be taking heat for breaking up families and going on illegal-immigrant hunts, but when he gets the chance, he'll still save the lives of illegal immigrants.

The sheriff's office says it got a hot tip on Saturday about six illegal immigrants, abandoned by their smuggler without food or water, wandering around the desert near Gila Bend.

According to the MCSO, deputies spotted the six people from a helicopter, and they called in the ground units to go "rescue" them.

The six people told deputies they had been walking through the desert for seven days, and were without food or water for the last two days, according to the sheriff's office.

All six were successfully transported to U.S. Border Patrol custody.

Arpaio -- America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" and now self-proclaimed lifesaver -- is now taking credit for "sav[ing] the lives" of the six people in the desert.

"I am constantly criticized for breaking up families and arresting illegals, but when I can save the lives of illegal aliens I do that too" Arpaio says in a press release.

This is now the second time in a week Arpaio's sent out a press release to deflect being "criticized" about his particular methods of law enforcement, since claiming last week that his deputies found someone who treats children worse than he does.

On that occasion, deputies pulled over a couple vehicles full o' illegal immigrants last night and found two kiddos in there -- a brother and sister, ages 5 and 6.

The sheriff's office said the parents didn't come with the youngsters to the U.S., the kids didn't know which state they were being taken to, and they didn't know any of the 20 other people they were with.

"How ironic that only last week I was publicly criticized for how I treat children who are here in this country illegally," Arpaio said. "Will there be any public outrage about how these parents treated these particular children? I doubt it."

While Arpaio may have doubted there would be any "public outrage" over the kiddos found in the van, just over 19 percent of New Times readers said they were indeed outraged in our highly unscientific poll.

About 57 percent said they were more outraged over how Arpaio treats youngsters, while more than 23 percent expressed no outrage.

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I want a BIG copy of that picture so I can save it and put it on my email xmas card I send this year.


 You could also whack off to it and on it also when you get horny for Joe love..


Better yet, you can come over and get me off. And you deep throat and swallow too.

Not Surprised, Again
Not Surprised, Again

LOL Matthew, great job with the picture and caption!

tommy boy
tommy boy

Matthew is so brilliant to make fun of fat people.  I guess that is the full depth of his intellect.  Do any of you Looney Liberals have any suggestions?  Open borders?  Death to America?  Any ideas out there?

Jason Cox
Jason Cox

That doesn't begin to scratch the surface of his intellect tommy! Hes brilliant at making fun of dumb people, perv people, hypocrite people old people,  young people, rich people, poor people. 

I don't think he discriminates. 

As for ideas... I think we should let the federal government handles immigration... not the county sheriff. Letting the delegation of government responsibility happen is not the death of america, it is the very thing that made this country great... Let the states handle state business, federal handle federal business. Bring em in, let them work and pay taxes. 

Why do you disagree with how our government is structured? 

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