Mary Rose Wilcox's Attempt to Force $975,000 Settlement From County to Be Heard by Judge Next Month

Mary Rose Wilcox, one of five members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, sued the county and expects a federal judge to enforce a $975,000 settlement.

Lawyers for Maricopa County and Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox have agreed on a schedule to present their court arguments for why the county should pay Wilcox a $975,000 settlement.

As one of the targets of failed investigations by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Wilcox is suing the sheriff and Maricopa County along with retired Judge Gary Donahoe, Supervisor Don Stapley, and others. Several settlements already have been made in the consolidated federal lawsuit, including $500,000 payouts to retired Judge Barbara Mundell and Stapley's executive assistant, Susan Schuerman.

Wilcox managed to negotiate the $975,000 settlement for herself, and it was approved by County Manager David Smith.

But County Attorney Bill Montgomery says that state law requires the county treasurer and at least one county supervisor to approve the settlement.

That doesn't look like it's going to happen, so Wilcox is asking U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake to enforce the settlement.

Today, lawyers filed a brief agree to have Wilcox's argument and the response by the county filed no later than May 9, and agreed to have Wake set a hearing on the matter after that.

Wilcox, who's running for re-election, claims the legal fight that included felony charges of failing to disclose financial information -- which were later dismissed -- ruined her Mexican-restaurant business and caused emotional distress.

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You should have seen her on TV the first day they awarded her all the money. She was gushing and gooing all over the place and thanking taxpayers for being so "generous"


She's entitled to  her legal fees and nothing more.  If she wants our money she should go to court and tell us exactly why.  Might even air some more of Joe's laundry in the process.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

It's the end of her career as a cash cow county supervisor.   That's all she's going to get.   She bilks us out of a million bucks and thinks she'll win re-election?    Find some one else to violate your rights, Mary.

Native Guns
Native Guns

What a typical self-serving politico. The obvious excessive greed of this woman is sickening. Of course shadeux14 still loves her.
I don't care if the woman is vigorously opposed to the Shurf at the MCSO. She is using her victimization as a font for her for own personal gain and nothing more.


Oh Stop!  Please!  Just Stop!

AND Go Away!

Your restaurant failed because you are probably a lousing cook.

Besides you weren't found not-guilty, the charges were just dropped because Andy filed them.  Doesn't mean that there wasn't a problem.


You were taking money from Chicanos and you were voting approvals for them at the same time ... WITHOUT DISCLOSURE.

You should've recused yourself from participation AND disclosed why.

Just go away ... take Joe with you ... you two deserve each other.


Lesse, a old crooked broad expects the taxpayers she supposedly serves to pay her almost a mil.

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