DREAM Act Has Support From 73 Percent of Arizonans, According to Poll

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That's what most Arizonans on the phone with pollsters this week had to say.
If you trust public-opinion polling, then Arizonans aren't the hard-asses about illegal immigration that they're portrayed to be.

According to a new poll from the Merrill/Morrison Institute -- which found earlier in the week that the race between President Obama and eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney is a "toss up" in Arizona -- 73 percent of the state supports the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act, in the basic sense, allows undocumented youngsters who graduate from college or complete military service to become citizens of the U.S. of A.

The poll says just 7 percent of Arizonans take the Russell Pearce route of saying they "strongly oppose" such legislation, while another 15 percent simply opposed it.

"While strong support for the Dream Act among Hispanics comes as no surprise, it is more important to note that 7 out of 10 Anglos also support it," Morrison Institute research director David Daugherty says in the poll's release. "These findings largely contradict the common impression that Arizonans are anti-Mexican immigrant."

Elected officials in Arizona haven't been so hot on the thought for the most part, but that's apparently not representative of their constituents, if this poll is indeed representative.

Still, Bruce Merrill, a longtime figure at Arizona State University who directed the poll, says he isn't surprised.

"While we know that 60 percent of the voters in Arizona generally support SB 1070, it is obvious that illegal immigration is a very complex issue," Merrill says in the release.. "For instance, we have found in other polls that 75 to 80 percent of Arizonans want tighter border security but at the same time, a majority also support a citizenship track for families that have lived here for a number of years, many of whom have children who are United States citizens. So it is not really surprising that we found support in this poll for the Dream Act."

The support is apparently across the board for the people interviewed for the poll, as a "majority" of Republicans, Democrats, independents, and "others" said they supported the DREAM Act.

Note to Wil Cardon: That might be part of the reason calling Jeff Flake "Mr. Amnesty" for being "the Washington poster boy for a pro-amnesty liberal immigration policy" isn't sending him on a rocket ship in the polls for the Senate race.

Heck, a DREAM Act proponent from Arizona even made TIME magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

As for details on the poll, of the 488 people polled, about three in five were in Maricopa County, and 36 percent said they're Republicans, 30 percent Democrats, and 34 percent are registered independents or "other."

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The dream act is such a joke. Pretty much zero standards for education, chain migration for family members, up to age 35 is eligible etc... It's nothing more than amnesty with a different name.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

You didn't say how the question was posed.   How was it worded?    Was the Dream Act explained fully or was it like the article said, which was just one part and not the whole thing.   Polls are often skewed to give the answer that's wanted.


Russell Pearce has beady little flea-bitten rat's eyes.  Has anyone else ever noticed that?

Matthew, thanks for clarifying the fact that it was Jerry Lewis who did not vote on the bill that would have restricted free tickets to law makers last weekend.  I saw your post in response to my semi-question about why there were 30 senators and 29 votes and who might not have voted.

Clearly, if Lewis had not beat the pants off Pearce in the recall election, that vote would have been 17 to 12 instead of 16 to 13.  No way would he have missed an opportunity to declare himself worthy of receiving freebies.  He would have voted twice, in fact, and said he was entitled because he wrote SB1070.  LOL.

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