Downed Motorcyclist on Loop 101 Struck by Semi and Passenger Car; Neither Vehicle Stopped

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A semi-truck and a passenger struck a downed motorcyclist lying in the middle of a lane on the Loop 101 at about 10:30 p.m. last night, and neither vehicle stopped.

It's unclear whether the motorcyclist was killed by those impacts, or from the wipe-out that preceded the collisions.

The Department of Public Safety is asking for the public's assistance in finding the drivers of those two vehicles, so give the agency a call if you know anything.

The incident began when the motorcyclist, who hasn't been identified, entered the southbound 101 from Northern Avenue and lost control of his bike. He came to a rest in the middle lane, where he was hit by the semi-truck, according to a news bulletin from DPS.

Traffic on the freeway began to slow, and the driver of a teal-colored passenger car maneuvered around the other vehicles. In doing so, the driver hit the downed motorcyclist hard enough to leave pieces of the car at the scene.

The fatal accident marks the latest in a string of Valley motorcycle crashes in the last 10 days or so. A motorcyclist was killed in Peoria on April 13, and a Luke Air Force Base staff sergeant was killed in an off-base crash on Saturday.

A Tempe police officer is recovering after crashing on State Route 347 last Wednesday.

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I witnessed this horrendous scene. I wanted nothing more than to chase those fucks who took off in my own car and get license plates but I didn't want to cause any more fatalities. He died a horrific and violent death, and I wish nothing but the worst for the two who took off after killing him. 


This is Arizona and you move here because you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself. Of course these people didn't stop. I moved here many years ago and this state was not filled with hate....but that was a different time. Now this state is nothing more than a shit filled toilet that won't flush. 


 "the driver hit the downed motorcyclist hard enough to leave pieces of the car at the scene."Fucking savages!! When they catch these gutless fuckers they need to hang them from one of the bridges over Tempe Town Lake for all to see!  Time for some real consequences! 

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