Does Paul Babeu Have a Shot at Winning His Congressional Race?

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is still trying to win a seat in Congress, despite the unflattering information about the sheriff that seems to come out with regularity during his campaign.

First it was Babeu as Sheriff studboi1, and his ex-lover's allegations that the sheriff threatened him with deportation -- a story that included some half-naked pictures of the law-enforcement official.

Then it was Babeu's role at the DeSisto School, and allegations from his sister and former students of the school that Babeu was in a relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Then there's the situation over his office's missing emails, his office's budget shortfall, and now, his campaign fundraising is tanking.

Meanwhile, Babeu's trying to defeat a sitting congressman in a primary.

This morning's question: Does this guy actually have a shot at winning his congressional race?

Cast your vote below:

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If its spilt 3 ways, well, I guess he would be into 3 ways since he was in Tucson staying with that one guy who voted to give him money and who never answered to it and got a free pass from the media, but, he could pull it off if the vote is between him and Gosar with Gould taking votes from Gosar.

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