"Chronic Future - Killing Cancer" Documentary and Cannabis Science, Inc., Promote Pot as Cancer Cure; Film Blasted by Pot Club

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Bob Melamede, University of Colorado biology associate professor and president of Cannabis Science, Inc., touts the alleged benefits of marijuana as a cancer-fighting drug.

The makers of a new documentary have teamed up with Cannabis Science, Inc., a Colorado firm, to promote the idea that marijuana can cure many types of cancer.

"Chronic Future - Killing Cancer," a 76-minute film by local guys Henry Miller and Corey Pritchard, is scheduled to premiere tomorrow (Thursday) at Harkins Theater Shea 14.

Originally planned to be called "Chronic Future - the 2811 Story," the film features the activities of medical-marijuana-marketer Al Sobol and the 2811 Club, LLC., one of the clubs we told you about last year that arose from the chaos of Governor Jan Brewer's decision to stall the roll-out of voter-approved dispensaries. Sobol's place was raided by Phoenix police in October while Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dean Fink pondered the legality of such clubs in response to a lawsuit filed against them by state Attorney General Tom Horne. That case is still pending.

Sobol, known for his attention-getting antics, sent out an e-mail a couple of days ago blasting the movie and apologizing to his friends and associates for being "scammed" by the filmmakers.

"The producers rented the theater for a night to show the movie as part of a grand marketing scheme to sell Hemp Oil," Sobol wrote. "I fear these marketers, like the snake oils salesman before them, are selling nothing more than false hope for presumably big bucks. That is cruel for the people that suffer with real diseases."

cannabis science logo 1.jpg

Sobol's also steamed because, he claims, he was promised hundreds of "VIP tickets" to the premiere that never came through.

Henry Miller, who previously wrote and directed a would-be TV-show pilot, "Rollers," denies Sobol's allegations.

"He was never promised anything," he says. "He's very bitter. He's in it for himself instead of trying to help people.

Miller says he and his partner created their own, objective, movie and only later made a distribution deal with Cannabis Science to have it shown in other theaters.

Cannabis Science, a public company, issued a news release last week stating, "Cannabis Science Reports Its First Documentary Release Date..." and its penny stock shares reportedly rose slightly in value. The company also plans to make its own documentary on medical marijuana with the help of Kevin Booth, creator of 2007's "American Drug War - the Last White Hope."

Whatever the reason for the pissing match between Sobol and the filmmakers, the claims made by the documentarians and Bob Melamede, president of Cannabis Science, are hard to believe.

Miller claims that during the months of filming, he personally witnessed patients with breast cancer and lung cancer receive injections of "hemp oil" who appeared to undergo miraculous recoveries.

One man with lung cancer who "had two weeks or less to live" returned to peak health after receiving the injections, Miller says.

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I myself knows it works.I used it to treat my fibromyalgia and arthritis in my left knee.I did a five day treatment and got results on the third day.I went ahead and did it for the five days.Everything i mentioned went away two years ago.I went to the VA for my yearly check up and they asked me what happened to my fatty syst on my side.I said you are the doctors you tell me.I've been taking hemp oil now for three years.The hemp oil made the syst go away.I also had an ear ach for three years and i used coconut oil as a tinture on the skin at the back of my ear and it went away with one treatment.The VA gave me drugs to take for it,but i didn't take them


This article is just about continuing the suppression of cannabis! There are a ton of written testimonials and a number of documentaries with full cancer reversals. Of coarse the Pharmacies are responsible for lobbying and suppressing marijuana, they won't be able to sell any chemo drugs duh!!!  Unfortunately many people don't know about the cure rate of cannabis due to media suppression  and social brainwashing. People are waking up though!!  "Run From The Cure" amazing documentary!  Eventually Marijuana will be legalized!

John Porter
John Porter

To add to Thomas Jefferson's list of research...
google for: GrannysListJan2012.pdf

There is no valid reason why cannabis should not be free to grow by anyone. The medicinal, spiritual, and industrial benefits of this plant are a true gift. No one on this earth should have the power to tell anyone else on this earth what they can and can not grow to benefit themselves or humanity. There are no moral rules in place to give anyone authority over another individual living on the same planet as them. We are all born with the same rights and nothing gives anyone any right to deny those rights to anyone else. We are equal from birth.


This guy has obviously not done his homework...  Not only do they have pictures of numerous skin cancer patients curing their cancer with cannabis extract, they also have physician documentation of the biopsy results proving they are now cancer free.

This guy is either completely ignorant or furthering the BS propaganda.


General comment to everyone: I
don’t know who to believe on this webpage. If you are like myself, I believe
all of the bashings on here are actually people who were paid to bash this and
scare people away from cannabis for many reasons. What cannabis is trying to do
that the other companies have not is: they are going directly to the people,
around the government in a way and avoiding the pharmaceuticals “help”. I hope
this pushes through to the end. I am a shareholder of this company and I
believe in it. If anyone has any bashing to do on this subject and your not a
share holder, then you have no room to talk. Don’t waste your time, no one
wants to read posts from people who complain. Its not like its your investments
the company is utilizing.


Seedy Ward-


first statement makes you sound like a hard core conservative. Why are you
being lazy and asking someone else for research through citations? Do your own
homework. If you actually took the time to research Cannabis science you would
read how the biotech company is making break through with cannabis; treating
and curing cancer. You can visually see pictures of its progression. Dr. Robert
Melamede Ph. D. and his team is made medical breakthrough and are working on
ways to make it affordable for the public. While your researching the facts
look up how cannabis medicines are much safer than acetaminophens, aspirins and
many other OTC drugs, which by the way all kill thousands of Americans every

be real here, pharmaceuticals don’t want people to get well. They want them to
stay sick. I pay thousands of dollars a year for my mothers and fathers
prescriptions. If my father and mother had no medical issues and were such as
some that cannabis science has been showing cures for ( not to mention the
potential this could have); and the fact of the matter is that’s less cash in
the pharmaceuticals wallet because I wouldn’t have to pay to keep my parents
maintaining their illness.

whole point “seedy Ward” is that before you start bashing something you don’t
even know what your talking about, do your own homework. If you just search for
it there’s hundreds of articles just like theses.  BTW, here’s your “citations” you wanted.



Patients for Medical Cannabis. (2010). Marijuana cures
cancer- US government has             known
since 1974. Retrieved from:             http://patients4medicalmarijua...            cancer-us-government-has-known-since-1974/


Cannabis Culture. (2008). Run from the cure. How Cannabis
Cures Cancer and Why no             One
Knows. Retrieved from: http://www.cannabisculture.com...


Allan Sobol-


All of the above applies to you
with the addition of your last comment. I know from experience and you have no
room to talk. If you ever talk to anyone who is living with or has survived
cancer, there is no such thing as false hope. If your living with cancer, you
want to know what is being researched, tested and what things are currently
working to cure cancer without consequences. If cannabis is indeed curing
cancer or at the very least managing it, its worth looking into. I am speaking
for those who cannot afford those alternative treatments and medications. This
is a blessing that there is going to be treatment available for every house
hold on every budget.



Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son

The time for pointing fingers on why Marijuana is illegal is over. The time has
come to accept that Marijuana (Cannabis) is not evil or bad. Time of Truth has
arrived, Marijuana has the ability to save lives and help our nation, not only
in the field of medicine but in agriculture and financial stability.
In a day were disease and pain
reach out and touch every family, it SHOULD be our goal to find cures and pain
management through Cannabis which grows freely amongst us. Needless tax payers dollars are spent to fight a war on drugs
that should not exist. We find knowledge in truth, and power in knowledge. Let
us empower ourselves and our nation in the pursuit of truth on the subject of
 All praise to God for giving us this wonderful plant to help one another with.


This movie was very uplifting and motivational, i think this company has changed how society will live and is ready to impact lives


I support the use of medical marijuana and I  fully support the potential uses of marijuana, and encourage further testing.  To test 3,4 or 5 patients and claim you have a cure-all for cancer is  irresponsible  and fraudulent.  I supported the filming of the movie in its orginal form "The 2811 Story" Frankly it was  not my idea, it was presented to me  as a way to further our case. Thereafter, I supported the movie when they changed the story line ( Killing Cancer) even though they did so  without my knowledge or consent. But when I learned that the real intention of the revised movie was to sell Hemp oil, I was forced to withdraw my support.  The producers made me an unwitting endorser/sponsor of hemp oil. That was not acceptable to me.   Hemp oil may in fact be illegal in arizona and moreover,  while Hemp oils may very well be the new miracle drug of the future, there is as of yet, no conclusive evidence to support that.   To offer patients with serious deseases the unfounded hope of a cure is unethical and irresponsible and I will not be associated with that type of presentation.

Go see the movie, but be very weary of  any snake oil salesman selling cure -alls for cancer.


The author of this article is naive at best and ignorant of how bi business works in this country today. Decades ago, when polio and smallpox were cured by the medical community, there was some measure of integrity in big business. Today that is nothing more than a memory. I was told by a renowned "big pharma" scientist that "they weren't looking for cures - they were looking for drugs; rather,they wanted to make sure that you and I would continue to take their drugs for the rest of our lives" no cure - there's more money in TREATING the disease than CURING it.  I don't care if it's hemp oil, snake oil, -- the fact is, big business and the Government agencies that collude with them, want to ensure a steady flow of income, not a one-shot (cure) deal.

drbob melamede
drbob melamede

There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific articles that demonstrate the anti-cancer and anti-metastatic properties of cannabinoids (both the endocannabinoids that every human produces naturally in the body, as well as the phytocannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant). Fortunately, patients with cancer and many other illnesses are able to use cannabis medicines in states allowing legal medical; marijuana. Cannabis Science is raising money to go through the FDA to verify the anecdotal observations of many patients and so that the medicine will be available to patients through out the country.


As hard as it is to believe, this is the truth.  Cannabis extract medicine can cure cancer and other diseases, and Cannabis Science is merely another piece, albeit a strong piece, in a very big puzzle.  There are thousands of people all across the world who have used various forms of cannabis extract medicine to cure or control diseases.  There are three full-length documentaries about people curing cancer with cannabis oil, dozens of videos from individuals, hundreds of studies showing that the active constituents of cannabis kill cancer cells and heal other diseases, and the work of Cannabis Science.  It is important to realize that for Patients #1 and #2, their cures were CONFIRMED by biopsies.  They had cancer, they used cannabis oil, and the cancer went away.  That is not arguable.  Patients #3 and #4 have yet to have biopsy-proven results, but the first two are there.  

This is a complex issue that can't be told with one documentary.  There is a huge underground network of patients and caregivers seeing this medicine work.  When you actually talk to 10, 20, or 30 people who have used this medicine for cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, Crohn's, IBS, hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, and more, it becomes clear that this is the key.
Also, it's not just oil.  A doctor, Dr. William Courtney, has cured lupus and cancer through the juicing of raw cannabis.  Mass juicing, as in one to two plants a day.  It's also not just Cannabis Science oil or Rick Simpson oil.  Ingesting large amounts of cannabis extract made from a variety of techniques works.  That is the factor which gives this true legitimacy, that so many people are using different formulas and they all work.  The fundamental similarity is the oral ingestion of concentrated cannabinoids in large doses.  If you do that, and the source cannabis is of high quality, you have great medicine.

Seedy Ward
Seedy Ward

While cannabis has shown potential as an anti-tumor agent for certain cancers, there has been a great deal of hype in the medical cannabis community over the subject. Unfortunately, too many are willing to either grasp at straws when desperate, or use very preliminary research to jump to unwarranted conclusions. We should all be very careful of jumping to conclusions about this and similar issues. Also, there has been a great deal of rumor mongering concerning the alleged role of so-called "big pharma" in the continuance of cannabis prohibition with very little hard evidence available. Might be time to take a step back before we in the community begin to sound as crazed and ideological as the supporters of prohibition already do.

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