Andrew Thomas Complaining About His Disbarment in You Write the Caption

Stephen Lemons
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Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas held a press conference on Wednesday to complain about the decision by an Arizona Supreme Court disciplinary panel to strip him of his license to practice law.

The Feathered Bastard Stephen Lemons was there, as Thomas compared himself to Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and acted as if he had no idea why the panel decided Thomas and his comrades were attempting prosecutions in the name of politics.

With Thomas' grumpy face on, there's no better picture to use this week for another edition of the New Times You Write the Caption contest.

The rules for You Write the Caption are simple: We provide the picture (above), and you provide the caption to that photo in the comments below.

On Monday, we'll announce the top-five reader captions and put them to a vote. The winner will receive a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building for a firm handshake and/or a high-five.

Do your best (or worst), New Times readers.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

 Thought bubble: "When I become President I am going to disbar the Supreme Court, the bastion of corruption....."

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