Wil Cardon, U.S. Senate Candidate, Releases New TV Ad Including Picture of "Tuscon"

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Even if he meant TusCon -- the science-fiction convention -- that only debuted in 1974.
Wil Cardon has been trailing Congressman Jeff Flake by a consistent near-50 point margin in the GOP Senate primary, and his latest ad can be placed on that campaign mantel next to his poll results.

Someone misspelled "Tucson" in the ad that's hitting TV tomorrow.

It's since been corrected, but we're hardly the only ones who picked up on this after the campaign sent out the ad in a press release this morning.

Cardon -- who's running to replace retiring Senator Jon Kyl -- gives the "Hi, I'm Wil Cardon" line to open the ad, and the video cuts to a dusty scrapbook of old photos, zooming in on one of the pictures captioned, "Tuscon, 1959."


If it's any consolation, Wikipedia says it's "commonly misspelled," although the first line of Cardon's campaign website states he's a "fifth-generation Arizonan."

That video was taken down from YouTube within an hour, and the "Tucson" version was up not too long after that.

Cardon's last ad, referring to Flake's travel habits as Congressman, didn't exactly get a hot review from at least one Valley political consultant, who called it "lame and dishonest."

Cardon's been paying Virginia-based political media man Doug McAuliffe to create his ads -- the same guy who did work for Kyl's Senate campaign and a couple of J.D. Hayworth's Congressional campaigns.

You can watch the corrected version below (or click here for the "Tuscon" version):

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It really speaks to the degradation of the Republican party when one percent of the 6 percent, who as a silver spoon Mormon, uses political commercials to vent his teaparty bile against a minority that was illegally brought in droves by Mormon farmers and construction businesses to slave away for ship me home wages.  He has a short memory concerning his "peoples" hardships and subsequent breaking of the principles of law concerning illegal immigration.


Cardon isn't in it to win but to make sure Flake does. 
Jeff Flake’s STRAWMAN, Wil Cardon and his “OUTSIDER” TV ad


Some one needs to tell whoever is directing these ads that construction workers in AZ are sun tanned from the AZ sunshine & there are usually Latinos on those job sites. What a joke this Cardon is.


Wow.  Is New Times so hard up for news that you're writing articles on misspellings in political advertisements?

Not to mention citing Wikipedia as a source for information.

That's some real investigative journalism right there! 

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