Wendy Rogers Becomes Seventh Person to Announce Run for Congress in CD9

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Wendy Rogers
Republican Wendy Rogers -- who lost her bid for a State Senate seat in 2010 -- made it official today that she's joining the Congressional race in Arizona's newly formed Ninth District.

Rogers joins what's becoming an increasingly populated field of candidates, which already includes Republicans Don Stapley, Travis Grantham, and Martin Sepulveda, as well as Democrats David Schapira, Andrei Cherny, and Kyrsten Sinema.

Rogers, a retired Air Force pilot, lost by about seven points to Schapira in her 2010 attempt for a State Senate seat, but she's apparently willing to pick that fight again if it comes down to it.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressmen Ben Quayle and David Schweikert are still acting like they're going to run against each other in a primary in CD6, and neither seems too willing to head over to CD9.

Either way, Rogers is officially in the field.

Here's her announcement:

Dear fellow Americans,

It is time to take action. As such, I have decided to run for the United States Congress in Arizona's newly created 9th District. I honor my father Harry L. Rogers III, Lt Col, US Army (ret) as I begin this challenge.

At this point, I am the only Republican candidate running who lives, owns a business, and raised her children in this district. Many of you know I'm a 5th generation career military officer, trailblazing Air Force pilot, business owner with 10 fulltime employees, wife of 34 years, and have two children and a grandchild.

I am running because as a retired officer I see our national defense in peril with a porous border to our south and a president who ignores the problem. As a business owner, my employees and I suffer from over-regulation and taxation destroying my ability to create more jobs. As a mother and grandmother, I'm afraid for how we have mortgaged my grandchild's future.

All boats must be lifted by economic policy that gets government out of our business. As a business owner, it should be my choice to buy my employees health insurance, not the government's mandate. 2012 is the most critical election in our lifetimes. If we do not get our debt under control, we will drown in our own entitlement spending.

This is your chance to send a principled military veteran and business owner to Washington DC. History-making, I will be the first 20-year-active-duty, career military congresswoman ever to serve in Congress. And from Arizona, I will hail as our first Republican U.S. congresswoman.

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   In her announcement for candidacy for US Congress Wendy touts herself as a mother and grandmother concerned for her grandchild's future. I have to ask, what about Stephen. He was a child that Wendy got up in front of church and announced they were adopting about seven years ago. More importantly she told him. He moved in with them and enrolled in a private school. After some time it became apparent that he was struggling with his schoolwork. When he failed to live up to her standard she was back up in front of church saying "he was unwilling to put fourth the effort necessary to bring his grades up, so they mutually agreed to cancel the adoption". What kind of "mother" does that to a child? Who's benefit did she adopt him for his or hers? Disposable children, really?
   Wendy often touts her natural children's education at Tempe Prep. She would get up in front of church every year and solicit donations to their education. She would explain that it didn't cost you a dime because you get every nickel back as a tax credit.  Well that is not true.  In good times that was mandated spending of tax revenue that obviously should not have been collected in the first place. In bad times it resulted in higher taxes. So, Wendy thought that in addition to our tax dollars paying for public schools they should pay for her children's private education as well. Not exactly a fiscal conservative when it comes to her own benefit.
   Full disclosure here. I, an elder at that time in that church, along with another elder and two former deacons, did leave that church because they failed to discipline Wendy's husband. Wendy and Hal had set our young pastor up with the daughter of some Air force friends and they married. When it became apparent that the church and pastor needed to part ways Wendy in particular had no problem fighting very dirty.
   I know many fiscal conservatives who know Wendy well and will not be voting for her. 
Don Prosise


Remember folks------Republicans have been in almost total control of Az for almost 35 years. Every election they spout the same old "Brown Menace", I'm an experienced businessman/woman", It's the government/media's fault" BULLSHIT!

After all these years, or decades they've been in power, why isn't Arizona an economic powerhouse?

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