Video of February Brawl in Downtown Scottsdale Posted on YouTube

Categories: Streets of Rage

fight scottsdale 1.jpg
Image: YouTube
Twenty or more people seem involved in the fight on Drinkwater Boulevard last month.

It was a wonderful night in downtown Scottsdale on February 24 -- until these guys showed up.

Video posted on YouTube, and found by one of our condor-eyed readers this morning, shows the horrors of a gnarly, multi-fighter brawl in the 4200 block of North Drinkwater Boulevard. Behind the brawlers, the prominent sign for the Jackrabbit lounge can be seen.

This video has almost everything you could want in an amateur fight-night: Trash-talking, beat-downs, women crying -- but thankfully, no visible guns or knives.

Scroll down to check it out.


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