Shapiro/Gaudet Murders: Michael Crane's Girlfriend Maricela Sanchez Arrested

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Maricela Sanchez
Police have arrested the seventh person in connection with the murders of Paradise Valley couple Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro or Phoenix man Bruce Gaudet.

Maricela Sanchez has been arrested on a warrant for Gaudet's murder -- and related robbery and kidnapping charges -- Maricopa County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb confirms to New Times.

Click here for previous details on the case.

Sanchez is the girlfriend of Michael Crane, who's been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Gaudet and the Shapiros.

Sanchez was rumored to have been the unnamed suspect indicted by a grand jury last month, although officials couldn't confirm it was her until the charges were served.

That took a while because Sanchez had been in the Yuma County Jail since late January.

Sanchez was jailed in Yuma shortly after Gaudet was found dead in his condo, as she allegedly led police on a high-speed chase in Gaudet's car.

A Yuma County Sheriff's Office spokesman confirmed to New Times last week that Sanchez had an out-of-county, but in-state, warrant for her arrest, although it wasn't clear what exactly those charges were.

Now we know it's first-degree murder, kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, and transportation theft.

Crane's the only one charged in the death of the Shapiros, while both he and Sanchez are charged in Gaudet's murder.

The other five people indicted -- Kelly Steward, Brittany Beinhauer, Shawn Nicloy, Danielle Rossman, and Katherine Austin -- face various charges including theft, trafficking in stolen property, and hindering prosecution in connection with both crime scenes.

Police are currently searching for two more people in connection with the case, but Cobb says the County Attorney's Office doesn't have any charges lined against them yet.

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in the interview she gave to ABC news, she claims to follow Crane back to "his place" but she was high and can't remember the place very well,  ...AHEM, You really don't remember being at  Gaudet's place before? She spent quite some time at that place! And I'm sure she told "her crew" that place would be perfect to rob! She needs to remain in Jail along with her "friends" disgusting piece of crap


Who really cares who this loser Crane was dating? Whoever it was should be arrested for that reason alone.  The only thing that matters here is establishing the common thread that binds these crimes and everyone involved, together.  Oh, by the way, I wouldn't be so confident that this wasn't one of Michael Crane's girlfriends.  If someone insisted to me that this loser had just one girlfriend, I'd laugh right at them.  The guy's a low life, bottom feeder who makes himself feel better by picking on the weak and feeble because he know's if he picked on someone his own size, he'd get a serious beat down.  I would definitely volunteer to take this guy down the block.


That is not Michael Cranes girlfriend.... Phoenix New Times, where are you getting your information from? I'll be sure to stay off your blog for future updates.

Eli Love
Eli Love

 She is a dirty looking puta!


My post is not about michael @ all, its about accuracy in reports.


You say your post is about accuracy in reports, yet you don't provide a single shred of evidence to the contrary.  So what is the connection between this girl and Crane?  and how do you know this? Who is Crane's real girlfriend?  If you can't back your post up, all you're doing is spreading disinformation so save it.

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