Shapiro/Gaudet Murders: Cops Now Looking for Eighth and Ninth Suspects, Slightly Less Redacted Police Reports Released

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From top left: Michael Lee Crane, Shawn Nicloy, Brittnay Beinhauer, Kelly Steward and Danielle Rossman.
About a month ago, police arrested a sixth suspect in connection with the murders of Paradise Valley couple Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro, as well as Phoenix man Bruce Gaudet, and with those arrests came a heavily redacted police report.

Now, Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, tells New Times police are searching for an eighth in ninth suspect on charges related to the crimes.

The heavily redacted police reports released last month have also been re-issued with less redaction, offering some new details about what happened at the Shapiros' house on January 30.

Click here for previous details on the case.

Cobb says the County Attorney's Office isn't commenting on the two newest suspects -- or releasing their names -- as police are still searching for them.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police believe Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro were robbed, bound, then shot and killed in their home by Michael Crane that night.

Crane then set the house on fire and drove the Shapiros' car away from the scene, according to the documents.

In the newly released police reports, Glenna Shapiro's cause of death is listed as the result of two bullets being fired into the back of her head, according to the county medical examiner's office.

Lawrence Shapiro's cause of death is still redacted from the report, but a gunshot wound is listed as a contributing factor to his death, according to the medical examiner.

According to a police interview with one of Crane's co-defendants, Crane and three others met at a hotel, where Crane told them "he had just shot three people."

Crane told the group he'd just shot a "child molester" in the neck, but he wouldn't die, so he burned his house down. Then he claimed he'd found "vials of children's teeth" in another home, and shot another person.

Crane didn't give a story about the third person he claimed to have shot, according to the police report.

In the police reports on four of the other suspects arrested -- Kelly Steward, Danielle Rossman, Shawn Nicloy, and Brittnay Beinhauer -- police say they were each in possession and/or selling some of the Shapiros' property that Crane had stolen.

Those four are facing charges related to either trafficking or possessing stolen property.

Accusations against another suspect, Katherine Austin, haven't been released, but according to court documents, she's charged with hindering prosecution for taking evidence outside the county with the purpose of hiding it.

The not-so-redacted police reports can be found below:

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@Anon-Are you kidding? They caught these guys very quickly. The police follow leads, which usually end up at the perpetrator. Too bad they usually are NOT white.


Why is it in ever other news story the person allegedly commited the crime but in ever story I've read in this case its straight out accusation that this man did this. He's already guilty without his trail


In your war on "brown" skin, prosecutors and law enforcement start paying attention to "white" folks.


It's time to focus on the "white" criminals among us instead of focusing on Hispanic immigrants. Paradise Valley??  Law enforcement had their eye on the wrong skin color...

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