Phoenix Suns Make Grand Total of Three Shots From the Floor in Fourth Quarter as Oklahoma City Thunder Roll to Win

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The Phoenix Suns managed to make three field goals in the fourth quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, which -- adding in the free-throws -- made for a 16-point quarter.

Unfortunately, the Suns earned zero points for the 14 shots they missed that quarter, and the game ended as a 115-104 Suns loss in Oklahoma City.

The Suns actually led the Thunder from the third basket of the first quarter until Durant made a layup to put the Thunder ahead 91-90 with 9:10 left to go in the game, as the Suns' bricklayers were getting to work.

Suns guard Michael Redd almost made a three-pointer last night -- except he didn't, on any of the four occasions he attempted to. 

Redd's shooting just over 36 percent from the field on the year, which is pretty great compared to high school players, and his 27-percent three-point percentage is much higher than any player in the NBA who hasn't attempted a three-pointer this year

Suns center Marcin Gortat had another above-average game, with 28 points and 11 rebounds, and guard Jared Dudley didn't do too shabby either -- 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Thunder forward Kevin Durant didn't have a spectacular shooting night, going 10-27 from the field, but still put up 30 points. Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook dropped 31, and former Arizona State University standout James Harden also scored 30.

The Suns' record now drops to 17-21, which doesn't make the playoffs a pipe dream quite yet.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Yep, that Michael Redd..he was a great pick up wasn't he?     Another shooting guard that can't shoot.   Sarver is a genuis.    He let's all the good players go and then signs players that are promising.    I'm a Suns fan but I haven't watched one game all year.    They make me sick and I'm tired of putting so much energy out for a worthless cause when they have an owner who has no desire to win...just make money...and make it the wrong way.   Hey Sarver, why don't you raise ticket prices again next year?     Or better yet, raise them for the last month of this season?

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