Phoenix Police Say a Guy Was Trying to Flag Down Cars in the Street Today -- and Shooting People Who Passed Him

Phoenix police say there was a guy standing in the middle of the street this morning trying to flag down motorists.

He shot two people who decided to go around him instead.

Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times this happened around 4:30 a.m. today on 16th Street, between Southern Avenue and Broadway Road.

Police got the first call from someone saying they tried to drive around the guy, and was shot in the arm.

Shortly after that, another call, almost the same story -- this person was hit in the shoulder.

Thompson says it's not clear whether this was a carjacking attempt or what, but there was definitely a dude shooting people.

The shooter's described as a Hispanic male between 18 and 25, and was wearing a red, hooded sweatshirt at the time.

Phoenix police ask that you phone them up if you know anything about the incident.

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Yep, turn him into a skid mark,    Him and anyone else who walks toward your vehicle when you're driving and sitting at a traffic light or stop sign.   They want your vehicle and they'll move or fly off the hood if you drive towards them.   


Next time I see a Hispanic male in the street flagging down cars I'll just run him over to be safe. 


OK, that's scary. Seriously.



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