Kyleigh Sousa Murder Suspect's Attempt at a Plea Deal Rejected, Case Set to Go to Trial

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Tempe PD
Joseluis Marquez
Joseluis Marquez, the suspect in the 2010 death of 21-year-old Arizona State University student Kyleigh Sousa, is slated to go to trial in May.

Sousa, 21, was dragged by a car in an attempted robbery of her purse in an IHOP parking lot just south of the University's Tempe campus on May 26, 2010. She later died from her injuries.

Marquez, then 20 years old, was arrested more than six months later, in December, 2010.

Maricopa County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb tells New Times that Marquez' lawyer offered prosecutors a plea deal in which Marquez would plead guilty to one count of manslaughter, which would stipulate a prison sentence between 13.5 and 18.

No dice, say county prosecutors.

That deal was rejected, and Cobb says prosecutors didn't counter with an offer.

A court spokesman says there was no deal reached in a settlement conference today, but Cobb says Marquez' attorney is asking for a chance to present another proposal.

If that doesn't happen, it's 8 a.m. on May 15 for Marquez, who would stand trial on one count each of first-degree murder and robbery.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was at the Tempe Police Department's press conference to announce Marquez' arrest, and the then-newly elected county attorney said he believed the first-degree murder charge was appropriate in the case. A grand jury apparently agreed.

One clue the cops found that lead to Marquez was a photo-radar ticket he got a couple weeks before Sousa's death, driving the same car he was allegedly driving during the botched robbery. The "sketch" released by police didn't help too much.

According to court documents, the other occupants of the vehicle identified Marquez as the driver and the person who grabbed Kyleigh's purse.

Police first contacted Marquez nearly a month before his arrest, when he provided police with a story that later proved to be false.

Investigators found the vehicle Marquez was driving a few weeks after that, leading up to his arrest on December 7, 2010.

At that press conference announced Marquez' arrest, Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff acknowledged a lot of outcry had come from the community over Sousa's death -- and how long it had taken to make an arrest -- but he assured everyone that cops were working "tirelessly, 24/7 pursuing tips," and they had to be 100 percent sure Marquez was the guy.

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Such a tragedy, it's just a miracle the douche bag was caught.


Fuck this guy and fuck his plea. Im so glad it got rejected that is what you deserve for taking my best friend away from me. you fucker.


So unbelievably wrong that they aren't going after the others in the car. At the very least a robbery charge. Get their names out.

Eleanor Holguin
Eleanor Holguin

Hey Matt, do you have any information regarding the other four people in the car that night?Last I heard they weren't pressing charges against any of them. Thanks.

Eleanor Holguin
Eleanor Holguin

Hey Jose, Come here. I have somebody to introduce you to. This is Karen, Ky's mom. Everyday she thinks about you and I will guarantee they are not the most positive thoughts and everyday I think of her and send her hugs and love.

Fuck you, Jose.

Eleanor Holguin
Eleanor Holguin

Drag him and rip his thumb off and that's just for starters.


Dear Mollie 

Sadly I never got the chance to know Kyleigh, but by all accounts she was a pretty awesome person. So I can say this with fair certainty: If she could see how you've acted since her death, she would be embarrassed by your behavior. Do you honestly think writing comments like the one above achieves anything positive? Do you honestly think Kyleigh would appreciate one of her close friends trying to claim she was a closer/better/more important friend than another close friend? It's really sad - by behaving the way you have, you haven't added anything positive to what was a tragic fact you've achieved quite the opposite...

My advice to you would be to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself some hard, real questions: 

How can I go about living my life in a way that Kyleigh would be proud of? 

What can I do on a daily basis that will honor her memory? 

How can I support her closest friends in the best way possible?

Because right now, with all due respect, you are not doing a good job at all. The last question is fairly important, because there were many, many people who were crushed by Kyleigh's death, not just you. Yet you act like only you suffered. After such a tragedy, the general goal should be to rally around and support one another - not alienate, talk shit and get catty with people who were close to Ky. And most definitely not try and claim you are a superior friend. That is incredibly presumptuous, immature and arrogant, and chips away a little bit more at the miniscule amount of credibility you have left.

A good way to start being supportive would be to avoid indulging yourself with selfish comments on the internet. Start acting like a true friend that Kyleigh would be proud of. Be grateful you even had the chance to know such an awesome person. Most of all, be there for the mutual friends who still have rough days when they think of and miss their friend. And if you think this is none of my business, you are wrong - by writing comments that everyone can see, you involve everyone and it becomes everyone's business. Involving everyone, yet helping no-one - you can do better than this, but it's your choice.

Gods child
Gods child

Lord help yu all for yu quys do not kno the ways of our heavenly father

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