John Leonardo, Obama Nominee for Arizona U.S. Attorney, Said In 2010 Ruling That Sheriff Arpaio "Misused the Power of His Office"

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Retired Pima County Superior Court Judge John Leonardo has been nominated by President Obama to be Arizona U.S. Attorney.
​The former Pima County Superior Court judge nominated by President Obama to be Arizona U.S. Attorney once wrote in a ruling that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio "misused the power of his office."

It should be interesting to see if John Leonardo acts on his beliefs, if he's confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Federal prosecutors have had a running an investigation into allegations that Arpaio abused his power for -- well, let's check the running clock on our Web site -- 1,193 days now. They're also believed to be probing potential crimes like the campaign-finance scam known as the Sheriff's Command Association.

Leonardo, who retired last month, has examined first-hand some of the evidence against Arpaio. He was the judge who dismissed the criminal case against County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox in February of 2010. His ruling was a crushing blow to efforts by former County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Arpaio to take down Wilcox, a Democrat and political opponent of the lawmen. Leonardo's ruling was a major step leading to the State Bar disciplinary action against Thomas expected to be announced in the next few days.

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Mary Rose Wilcox
In his bombshell ruling, Leonardo tossed the indictment of Wilcox and barred Thomas from appointing his favored special prosecutors to go after his enemies in county leadership,  based on Thomas' blatant conflicts of interest in
the matters. Leonardo reserved a few damning words for the sheriff, who was a partner in Thomas' unethical behavior. One reason that Thomas had a conflict of interest was apparent because of Thomas':

"...political alliance with the Maricopa County Sheriff who misused the power of his
office to target members of the (Board of Supervisors) for criminal

Perhaps this choice of nominee is Obama's way of getting Arpaio back for the sheriff's farcical "birther" investigation.

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Sheriff Joe...interdicting guns headed for the border

AZ US Attorneys / ATF trafficing in assault rifles to Mexico

You decide who you want on that wall!  


Sheriff Joe..ignoring  Sex Crimes and arresting  Janitors 
AZ US Attorneys  stopping  Sheriff Joe from violating Citizens Civil Rights
You decide who you want on that wall!  

There fixed it for you!


 Display Name . . . lying fuggin bastard!

ATF DID NOT TRAFFIC THE Gun Walker program weapons.  They were bought in the US by straw buyers with the intent on their part to sell them to the drug cartels.  They were NOT told to do this by the ATF, the ATF were watching them so they could catch the BAD GUYS!!!!  The people who ratted out this clandestine effort to arrest CRIMINALS were the bad guys!! 

These straw buyers are continuing to this day to help the drug cartels continue to get millions of weapons from the US from the traitorous citizens of this country who, like the indian gun runners of the past, are continuing to illegally make money off of weapon sales to Drug Cartels. 

The Gun Walking programs like Fast and Furious were meant to STOP the illegal flow of guns to the Drug Cartels and only involved about 1,000 weapons.  There are MILLLIONS of weapons being trafficked every year by criminals and you're upset about 1,000 weapons? 

I think you are on the side of the Drug Cartels and the traitors in the US who buy guns here to sell to them!!!  That makes YOU a traitor! 

The Real David saint
The Real David saint

and further on that point, the Bush White House did the same thing...


 The Dubya whitehouse STARTED Fast&Furious.

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