Joe Arpaio Runs Another "Employer Sanctions Operation" -- Get This -- Zero of 31 Arrested Are Employers

America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" and self-proclaimed job creator Joe Arpaio.
​Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent his boys out on the 58th illegal-immigrant roundup "employer sanctions operation" today, and get a load of this -- a grand total of zero employers were arrested, while 31 non-employers were arrested.

According to our math, there have been two employers sanctioned through 58 "employer sanction" operations, while 605 alleged illegal immigrants have been nabbed.

Today's venture brought the boys in beige to a Tempe vitamin manufacturer called 21st Century Healthcare, where Arpaio says deputies executed a search warrant involving 34 suspects using stolen identifications.

Using Arpaio's logic, that means 31 new American jobs.

"Arpaio stresses that one of the benefits of these employer sanctions/identity theft operations is that they open up job opportunities for legal citizens," the sheriff's office says in a press release.

And the sheriff's official two cents:

"Illegal aliens are stealing identities of U.S. citizens to gain employment which escalates our unemployment problems. I don't believe we should tolerate this. Furthermore, I will continue to enforce all federal and state illegal immigration laws in the business sector through human smuggling and crime suppression operations, despite activists, some elected officials and the federal government who have concerns regarding our operations."

According to Arpaio, 100 percent of the people arrested for using stolen IDs in the past 57 operations were illegal immigrants.

MCSO spokesman Christopher Hegstrom tells New Times that while zero employers were arrested today, the "investigation continues."

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LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

Once again Joe skirts the federal courts and continues to target people by race.

This is precisely why the U.S. Department of Justice is up MCSO's ass. What the DOJ needs to do is take over the MCSO and turn the office around. Indict Arpaio and his gang of miscreants and install someone professional.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

He's the sheriff of distraction and he's the best at what he does.   He keeps your eye off the man while you become more disempowered every day.

Hacim Obmed
Hacim Obmed

There are lots of vitamin companies that manufacture their product with legal workers. Why should they be put out of business and their workers fired so that this illegal SCAB using operation can prosper. I understand that the workers are just regular simple people who are not making much. But, like all SCABS,  by taking slave wages and working under sweat shop conditions, they line the employers pockets and they really hurt the wages and living standards of our own certified american workers. So can any progressive person say they approve of what this company was doing? I just don't get the negative tone of this report. Arpaio is a hero and Illegal immigration is wrong and it hurts americans!


What a great story, Mexican GETS TO GO BACK TO MEXICO


What do you
call...people who can't keep their electricity on...(Hello APS)

Do not know
what a time zone means...8 + GMT...Manila vs Mountain

Think BlackBerry
are commonly used in Sucat

Do not understand the simple basics of GPS

send themselves on the same fool's errand

like fodder dipped in dumbass

CLOWNS...That's the only way to describe it...I swear I can't think of any other noun.

Fuck You Arpaio
Fuck You Arpaio

Arpaio is a fucking clueless jackass who doesn't know his ass from 1st base. Just like his supporters.


Ya im with you i know whate you mean arpaio is an ahsle

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