Hunter French, DPS Chopper Pilot, Having Action-Packed Spring; Helped Out on Two Mountain Rescues in Three Days

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Image: AZ DPS
Hunter French, Arizona Department of Public Safety pilot, assisted in two tricky mountain rescues over three days.
Flying injured hikers from mountaintops twice in three days tested the skills of veteran rescue pilot Hunter French.

This dude gets an A-plus.

On March 2, the Arizona Department of Public Safety chopper pilot helped rescue a Washington hiker who'd fallen into a crevice in the Superstition Mountains.

Three days earlier, French was interviewed by several TV news crews after assisting on a rescue of five teenagers in the White Tanks. That incident required French to hover carefully a few feet from the mountainside before performing a "long-line" maneuver, in which a patient in a basket and an attending rescue worker dangle below the chopper from a rope.

French also moonlights as a helicopter instructor for Guidance Aviation, where he's the chief flight instructor for the instrument program.

In the March 2 rescue, French first used his skills to drop off 14 mountain-rescue workers from the skids of his chopper onto a rocky summit in the Superstition Mountains.

Edward Weston, 47, of Washington, had fallen into a crevice about three-and-a-half miles north of the trailhead for the First Water trail, according to DPS.
dps helicopter aviation bureau.JPG
Image: AZ DPS

Bart Graves, DPS spokesman, says Weston and his hiking partner had been hiking off-trail when the Weston somehow managed to fall into the crevice.

"He was wedged tightly between these two enormous boulders," Graves says. "He could not extract himself."

Sounds sort of like what happened to Aaron Ralston of the movie, 127 Hours. Except that before Weston needed to cut off any body parts to get out, his buddy used a cell phone to call for help. French and Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association volunteers, who partner with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, soon swooped in.

"Soon" is a relative term when you're talking about getting into the remote and rugged Supes, though. It was dark by the time French got there, so the skid-operation had to be conducted by French using night-vision technology.

After the rescue workers on the ground (whose efforts should also be lauded) pulled Weston from the crevice and loaded him into a basket, a mission that took several hours, French flew back to the area and transported the patient to the trailhead. The victim was finally rushed to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Hospital by about 1:30 a.m.

Weston had been in "extremely critical condition" when taken from the mountain, with numerous broken bones and internal injuries, Graves says. He's still in the hospital as of today, but his condition has improved to "serious."

With the spring hiking season in full bloom, French is bound to log a few more adventurous flight-hours.

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I like to see the Rescue Helicopters doing what they were intended for.

Job Well Done.

I sure am tired of the sick Perverted Government Peeping Toms that have hovered Helicopters outside my Gilbert Home watching me in bed with my wife, on my toilet, and in my shower for the last nine Years!

They also have hundreds of disguised Spy Drones circling above "We the People" watching us inside the very so called "Privacy of our American Homes, with high tech Thermal Veiwing, and listening with laser listening.

Drones have circled over my Home about every thirty seconds for nine years!

Many fly out of Gateway Airport, you can watch them take off and land, other than that they will be over me, making noise.

The Government has wasted hundreds of Millions of Dollars oin these Un-constitutional Peeping Tom Programs.

Our "Real Troops" fought and Died to protect our "Freedom", and our Constitution!

These Perverted Goverenment Peeping Tom Cowards are Trashing our Constitution, and have desecrated our Troops graves.

Our Founding Fathers would have lined every peice of garbage involved in these Disgusting Programs up in front of a firing squad, and sent them where they belong!

P.S. To see a couple of the disguised Drones (U.A.V.'s) see my You Tube post: "Unreported Near-Miss over Arizona.

This is a phony Piper Navajo, and a Phony Southwest Airliner.

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There is already 30,000 of them!

They also spray Chemicals in our Air.

Congress is now trying to cover thier posteriors!

To: "Freedom", and our Constitution.


Please, somebody that know's this guy call 911.  I have been a DPS pilot, and flown with Hunter He is a great pilot, and I have flown UAV's in AZ for the Army.  I am flying in Afghanistan watching the bad guys.  We do not do what he is claiming in the USA.  The FAA does not allow them in the civil airspace.  \\  This guy is another crack head who is going to kill someone, like the shooting in Tucson.


You are the Liar.

I have called the F.A.A. they ask me "Which Agency?"

I am a Fifty-two year old Law Abiding Citizen, I have never committed any crime.

I am only trying to Expose the "Truth".


Then quit watching ?

Have you Worthless Idiots learned anything in Nine Years , and Millions of Wasted Tax Dollars?I have sent e-mails asking these Peeping Tom Perverts to come to my Home?I have offered to let them place all of the Damn Cameras they need to make them happy?This Out of Control Spying is "Fleecing America".These Disgusting Disguised Drone Programs should have never existed in "The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave."Re-instate the Constitution!

Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers

Seriously, you NEED to see a psychiatrist, they can help you. NO ONE is after you, NO ONE gives a shit what you and your wife do in your house. If the feds wanted to, they could have your house plastered with cameras from the inside, but unless you're up to some sketchy shit, it isn't happening, so just relax.


Really,not being done?   Go to Mesa Gateway Airport, and watch them take off, and land.

I have years of video of them, they are carbon fiber, and disguised to look like Phony Airliners, Fed.Ex, U.P.S., and smaller propellor drones disguised to look like Mooney, Piper, even Jack Rattan's V-wing design.
Some twin propellor Drones can articulate the wings, and hover.

I have video of most of them, including Airliners with clearly no windows.

Two years ago a local Helicopter Pilot named Bruce Haffner accidentally showed a phony Southwest Airliner on the Phoenix Local News.

A Massive Dust storm was coming in to Phoenix from the south, and Mr. Haffner filmed a Phony Southwest Drone just like the one I posted in You Tube, flying very low, and Directly into the plum of a rolling dust cloud.

Mr. Haffner said: "Wow I have seen Airliners routed around storms before but I can't understand why they would direct one right into a storm?"

I sent Mr. Haffner an e-mail.

I never saw that video on the News again.

This Un-constitutional Spying is Fact!

Though the Government will not admit it or the Chemical Spraying.

One of my Neighbors is retired D.P.S. when I asked him of the Spraying , he knew about it and told me "He loved it".

I wish this Garbage was only being used against our Enemies!

Night Creeper
Night Creeper

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Tom the Bomb
Tom the Bomb

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Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers

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