Daniel Delaney Allegedly Showed Off His Penis to Kids at the Dentist's Office; Gets Arrested After Dentist Chases Him Down

Daniel Delaney's accusing of opening (his pants) wide at the dentist's office.
We usually don't call DDS of the year this early -- or at all, really -- but we'll give the honorary title to the Phoenix dentist who chased down the guy who decided to show off his penis in his waiting room.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 40-year-old Daniel Delaney showed up at the dentist's office shortly before 6 p.m. Friday, with his pants unzipped and the entire package hanging out.

Three people in the waiting room -- including a 6-year-old kid and the 16-year-old receptionist -- got a full view of Delaney's testicles and "semi erect" penis while he stood just a few feet in front of them.

The receptionist called to the doctor for help as Delaney gathered his genitals and ran out the door, and the doc followed Delaney as he went to an apartment building about a block away.

The doctor watched Delaney head into his apartment, and he waited outside for the police to get there.

Delaney unsuccessfully barricaded himself inside the apartment, as Phoenix police's SWAT team got the search warrant and got in there.

Police reviewed the tape, which, sure enough, showed Delaney walk into the lobby and flash his penis.

The young girl was looking directly at Delaney as he did this, and immediately covered her face as Delaney pulled it out, police say.

Delaney made the little girl cry, too, according to court documents.

We're guessing Delaney didn't have an appointment at the dentist that day, as he's charged with third-degree burglary for the unlawful entrance to the dentist's office, as well as felony and misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure.

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LMAO they needed the SWAT team?
aren't there more important things for them to look at? Like I don't know? Driving on a suspended license? 


exhibitionists - flashers are fun!

stupid Victorian societies make them evil!  screu Jan Brewer and the uptite GOP tea party haters!  lol


Ick, what is up with men wanting to show the world how unblessed most of
them have been, and, in front of kids no less, too sick for words, all he had to
do was look up Babeu whose single and would have shared his!

Ick, ick, ick, and, thanks to the good dentist for helping the police get
this nasty freak.


I am not defending this piece of shit in any way, BUT it I find it very interesting that Jason Russel, the EXTREMELY wealthy filmaker behind The Kony video (The Invisible Children) was video taped standing on a street corner MASTURBATING next to the windows of people (with children in the car) stopped at the traffic light. He was not charged with any crime what so ever, and will not have to register as a sex offender for his actions. Mean while the registry is full of others who were caught urinating behind buildings and teenagers who sent personal pictures of themselves to other teenagers. Their lives are all ruined forever, there is not disputing that fact. Other child preditors who's money has spared them the scarlet letter known as the registry: Mark Lundsford, Pete Townshend (The Who), oh and we cant forget Clifton Bennett, son of Arizona Senate President, Ken Bennett, who sodomized 18 boys with a broomstick and was only charges with assault. no jail time and will not have to register as a sex offender. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SEE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS!!!

Triple-6 Gun Mane
Triple-6 Gun Mane

Wait a minute. You get a burglary charge thrown at you if you enter an establishment without an appointment, even if you didn't take anything? This is the part that I didn't get.

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