CD9 Gets Another One: Republican Leah Campos Schandlbauer, Ex-CIA Officer

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Leah Campos Schandlbauer
Republican Leah Campos Schandlbauer has become the ninth person to announce a candidacy for Arizona's newly formed Ninth Congressional District.

According to her campaign announcement, Schandlbauer's a Scottsdale resident, Hispanic Republican, and a former CIA operations officer. Her campaign says she resigned from the CIA to enter this race.

For those keeping score, there are only eight people left after Maricopa County Supervisor Dan Stapley's brief candidacy, but that's still a healthy crowd of candidates.

Paradise Valley Councilman Vernon Parker hopped into the race last week, adding to the GOP field that already includes Wendy Rogers, Travis Grantham, and Martin Sepulveda.

The Democratic roster in the race includes David Schapira, Andrei Cherny, and Kyrsten Sinema.

Browsing through her campaign website, Schandlbauer appears to be, well, a Republican.

Government's too big, Ronald Reagan's awesome, Barack Obama's making everything awful, the so-called Obamacare sucks, and protect the border.

"I have spent my professional life thinking about and working around the world for the security of our country and our way of life, and I can tell my fellow Arizonans something in all confidence:  Without freedom, security is an illusion," she's quoted as saying. "It has been correctly said that a government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have."

On the issue of national security, however -- which would seem to be her forte -- Schandlbauer doesn't seem too war-happy.

Providing for our country's security is the Federal Government's main responsibility. Our military and intelligence services must be well funded and able to confront the varied threats we face. That said, I believe that all parts of our federal government, including the Defense Department and the intelligence sector, have grown without adequate controls and could stand budget cuts without undercutting our security.

Committing our troops to war is the most important authorization the US Congress makes, and must be approached with seriousness and discernment. Congress cannot continue to cede this constitutional authority to the Executive Branch. I subscribe to the Weinberger Doctrine, which stated that any commitment of US military force must meet the following conditions: 1) Any troop commitment must be vital to U.S. national interests; 2) we must be committed to using full and overwhelming force to achieve our stated goal; 3) there must be a clearly defined and achievable military and political objective prior to authorizing the use of force; 4) use of military force should be considered only as a last resort - but should always be kept on the table.

We may be moving toward the capacity for candidates in CD9, as pretty much the only person who's shown interest in the race but has yet to declare is Scottsdale Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky.

We'll let you know if we get any additional information on Schandlbauer.

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Not much. Just another typical AZ wing-nut, as described above:
1.) A Repugnant Conservative
2.) Obama is Black and evil and a "socialist".
3.) Secure the border(okay I agree with this)
4.) Touting "guns and religion"
5.) Less rights for women.
6.) Government is too big

The usual.
Wonder who'll be the next loon or a Johnny-come-lately to jump into the CD9 bandwagon?

Jake Brown
Jake Brown

Umm, I think that if you looked a little closer you might be surprised.  She is a very reasonable candidate, and the fact that you write her off just becaue she is a Republican might say more about you than about her.  Seems that you assume every Republican holds certain beliefs, maybe you should research a little more.


 Actually I don't care what her "beliefs" are. Being that I live in Arizona. I sure as heck know that am not happy with how the Republicans govern this state. Much like you are not happy with Obama as being your next re-elected President.

My comment doesn't say anything about me. My comment only cites my opinion regarding your favorite Repugnant here. Then again, they are not much different from one another in this state when it comes to their agenda. Unless you care to astonish me on how she is any different from other COPsuckers in the race: POLITICALLY?

I doubt you can.

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