Babeu Bailout: Congressman Paul Gosar Taking Full Advantage of Budget Woes Faced by His Congressional Opponent, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu

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Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff and Congressional candidate

Congressman Paul Gosar is spreading the word among voters in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District that there is no way that his opponent, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, is the face of fiscal conservatism.

Not with a $1.6 million budget shortfall in Babeu's office, and especially not with Babeu asking the Pinal County Board of Supervisors for a "bailout" to cover a portion of his budget gap, Gosar points out.

Gosar now represents Arizona's First Congressional District, but with new boundaries that emerged from Arizona's redistricting process, Gosar, Babeu, and others, are running for a seat in the newly created Fourth Congressional District.

Congressman Paul Gosar
​Camp Gosar says of Babeu:

After attempting to kick-start his congressional campaign claiming to be a fiscal conservative, Babeu continues to show the voters of Congressional District 4 his true colors - demonstrating the same wreckless [sic] disregard for fiscal sanity and proper accounting as the prior Congress's who put our nation on its current path towards bankruptcy.

The phrase "continues to show the voters ... his true colors" is no doubt a not-so-subtle reference to the controversy that has engulfed Babeu since New Times first reported that Jose Orozco, his Mexican ex-lover, alleged that the border hawk sheriff and his attorney threatened him, including with deportation, if he made public their relationship.

Undaunted, Babeu is charging limping forward in his Congressional campaign and has vowed to finish out his term as sheriff.

Interestingly, Babeu's press release paints a far different financial picture of his office -- in fact, a completely opposite financial picture.

In a March 16 press release, "Presenting a Balanced Budget," Babeu says that he is "proud to announce that the budget is fully balanced and, in fact, will have a surplus of monies available."

The fact is, even after slashing department expenses -- mostly overtime pay -- Babeu remains $1.6 million short of a balanced budget. He's planning to cover almost $1 million of that shortfall with money earmarked for jail operations, and has asked the county to cover the rest -- about $650,000.

(Check out the Republic's AZ Fact Check on Babeu's budget claims, which they deem complete bullshit "misleading.")

From Babeu's campaign website:

I feel it's important for you to know how high of a priority it is for me to balance my department's budget because it's a message that needs to be carried to Washington, DC. We have a 15 trillion dollar national debt, with budgets in the red as far as the eye can see. This Congress approved the largest debt ceiling increase in American history. It is this culture of uncontrolled spending and entitlement that I plan to fight, if elected to Congress.

And Gosar says that "Washington doesn't need another politician who spending frivolously (like on collectable badges and coins or expensive trips), refuses make hard choices, and then looks to blame someone else."

The latter is a reference to the sheriff shouting at members of the board of supervisors, blaming them for budget gap.

Watch the video from ABC15.

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Warren P
Warren P

As with the spotlight cast on the misogyny championed by Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann, equal opportunity accountability with respect to homphobia and intellectual fascism is needed now more than ever. So much of the ostensibly open-minded liberal reaction to the Babeu "controversies" simply illustrates how deeply the fissures created by progressivism's identity politics extend. The Democratic party's core constituencies practice a cycle of metaphorical domestic violence, and opportunistically prey upon those very constituencies when they do not conform to the proscribed draconian Democratic ethos: http://thecenterstandard.blogs...


His personal finances and spending carelessness goes back for years. Mommy and Daddy have bailed him and his little brother Shaun out continually. Mommy and Daddy are now bankrupt because of their #10 and #11 kids.

On the St. Louis trip, (of the 24) he took 4 honor guard members to post the colors at his award ceremony. Period. One hour tops. And his office claims at $2,000 per employee, it was a bargain. For $8,000, we couldn't have found a LE agency in Missouri that had an honor guard? Nice touch, on the public dime.  No problem, sounds like what jail enhancement funds should be used for.

No one has accounted for who paid the bill for travel and lodging for Babeu family members to get to St. Louis.  That had to be expensive. A cople of photographs or a video would'nt have covered it for the family? Why didn't ALL of the Babeu family get to go?

They (his family) were shipped in to attend the same one hour Babeu award ceremony. An older brother (Colo Springs) with two kids, little brother Shaun, an older sister (on welfare; runs a cash only house cleaning business under the table in STV) and her three kids. That was expensive.  They couldn't afford it nor could Paul. Which LE charity or public grant got scammed for them?

Don't forget the $500 dress uniforms for each of his upper command, made especially for the St. Louis trip and Babeu award ceremony. That was expensive. And vain.

Now his little budget wits are smiling saying they can take all of the military surplus equipment they got "for free" over the past two or three years and sell it to help balance the budget.  Why did you hoard the stuff you couldn't justify using in the first place or didn't have a use for?  Someone else's expense, not his, so why worry?

On a closing note, it is interesting that the recent cartoons being published about Paul being gay are coming out in gay publications.  The gay folks aren't accepting him as being (other than at his convenience) gay any more than the law enforcement folks are accepting him as being a real cop.

Has he ever served a search warrrant? Ever filed as the affiant? Do he know what an affiant is? Testified before a grand jury? Testified in Superior Court for a felony case he initiated? These "thousands and thousands" of emergency calls he claims to have responded to (according to his recent interviews) three years on the street with CPD on graveyard shift? Really? Bogus and he can't back it up.

His budget figures are skewed just like his "emergency call" numbers are just like his personal gland measurements are over emphasized.  When you brag about how much you have done as a cop or brag about your perception of your manhood, something is wrong.

Babeu's best friend
Babeu's best friend

Thank you, good information to know!  You've done your homework. Inpressive!  Lucy Babeu is my hero. 


Hope you are doing well. I thank you for your comment. I am so sorry for everything Paul has done. I have tried to help expose his corrupt ways, even though he lies, threatens and attacks me. With everyone help, and more stuff to come out, we can get rid of this bastard once and for all. Paul does belong in jail. I wish you well and thanks again. Best regards, Lucy Babeu

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

The Bald Bunion reminds me of another corrupt, poor money manager.

This particular poor money manager managed to:

>> Misspend more than $100 million dollars in 8 years.

>> Cost taxpayers more than $50 million in legal fees just to defend him.

>> Cost county taxpayers somewhere to the tune of $45 million just to resolve legal actions taken against him, with another $165 million pending.

Sound familiar?

Babeu will not win. He will finish 3rd.

Trommy Themulus
Trommy Themulus

I'd say this man has about a zero chance of winning anything again in AZ.  But then again you never know how some of these robots will vote around here.

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

Maybe the MCSO shurf will come to the Bald Bunion's aid. 


At least Babeu, and his clowns haven't staged any more Phony "Big Shoot Outs in the Desert".

That Phony Manhunt probably cost Arizona Millions of wasted Tax Dollars.


Babeu, you will soon realize that you are a mere mortal when
it is your turn to stand before the man and plea to charges against you.  Your “team” continues to suggest you go
forward and not resign.  Their guidance
to you is ill advised, as the only thing that matters to them is a steady

Bringing on Elias Johnson was a desperate strategy. However,
your plan.. failed as he could not keep the Phoenix media from reporting on
your immoral and criminal behavior.   

Pinal, will always remember you as Sheriff “I will suck you off as much as needed
“Babeu.  You are a piece of garbage and a
disgrace to your deputies.  You are no
longer a “Good Citizen!”



when are self proclaimed "fiscal conservatives" actually fiscally conservative?

Jack Seift
Jack Seift

What are Republicans good for now that all our fiscal problems are caused by them (consider George W. Bush, Joe Arpaio, and now Booboo). Oh, I know, sucking dick on taxpayer time.


According to the AZCentral Fact Check, these are the issues that drove the budget overrun:

-- $575,000 for fuel.

-- $320,000 resulting from a labor agreement that county supervisors signed after the budget was finalized.

-- $285,000 in expenses related to overtime pay.

-- $275,000 in wages for persons on paid administrative leave.

-- $100,000 in overtime for jail staff.

-- $51,000 to cover a slight increase in the retirement-contribution rate implemented after the budget was finalized.

The fuel increase is not unique to PCSO; it affects every agency in the state.  That said, this is something that is out of his control.

While the labor agreement may have been come after the budget was finalized, it wasn't a secret.  Any Manager worth their salt would have analyzed the impact and adjusted accordingly; that's their job.  In the real world, a manager that ignored this and worked off the old scale then tried to blame the overrun on the change would be fired.  Babeu manages PCSO and he should have made adjustments a priority amongst his staff.

OT pay is inexcusable.  Try justifying consistent OT pay in a non governmental job.  You may get away with it once or twice.  After that, you simply do not know how to manage.

Blaming administrative leave is a joke, as well.  Again, the costs are known and they have every chance in the world to account for it and offset it.

The only factor out of the above that I could give him a pass on would be the fuel costs.  That leaves a nearly $1M overrun for items that Babeu had the ability to influence and should have influenced. 
Then you factor in the wasteful spending that's been documented; sending a huge portion of his staff to St Louis for his award and the idiotic commemorative badges.  Both took place well before the budget woes became public.  Though, Babeu, as the Lead, should have been well aware of his agencies financial standing.

I hope, when Babeu gets trounced in the primary, he doesn't consider going to work for Walmart or any other company.  They'd fire him in a heartbeat for being a ineffective manager.


He dosen't want to be "Trounced", He prefers being "Jousted".


OT pay is inexcusable.  Try justifying consistent OT pay in a non governmental job.  You may get away with it once or twice.  After that, you simply do not know how to manage.-=-=I thought that they just put you on a salary and had you work bunches and bunches of hours.  I can't remember the last time I had a 40 hour work week.  that sounds nice!


 Depends on the company...some do do that.
But, I think there's some rules on what companies can and cannot do this.

Jester Jackson
Jester Jackson

too bad he isn't a fiscally conservative sausage chomper.  What a waste of money, collectible badges? Now it would be different if he had spent the money on improving their cars or buying more guns and protective gear.


Babeu collect all your "special coins" and leave Pinal County.  You are a "dick" with ears. 


Sausage chomper


Sperm Burper.

I bet they don't stand too close infront of his speaking podium.
The front row should be given rain coats.


Make that young sausage chopper.

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