Playboy Coming to Tempe in Search of A Couple New Boobies

Let's see 'em, Tempe.
If you've got boobs and can be in Tempe on March 1, Playboy would like to have a word with (and glance at) you.

The nudie mag isn't releasing the exact location of the, uh, interviews (gotta keep the perverts at bay), but the casting call offers the opportunity to be "Playmate of the Month," and probably have the most famous rack in the state.

If you're somehow unsure of what kind of dames Playboy is on the hunt for, the magazine outlines the "eligibility" for potential boob-bearers: "Sexy girls -- 18 years of age or older -- including college students, busty babes, hot housewives and natural beauties."

Another hint in anticipation of the casting call -- number one, "In the weeks prior to your audition, exercise and eat right."

And just to be clear, you're going to have to release the jugs if you want a shot.

"Please be aware that this audition is for Playboy and a certain level of nudity is expected," the eligibility requirements state.

If you're ready to make Arizona men (aside from your father) proud, click here to reserve your audition spot.

Seriously though, dads, it's a way better gig for the girls than a Backroom Casting Couch audition.

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david saint
david saint

Nice story Matt, and welcome to az aka HELL! lol 
love the part about casting couch by the way...hey, we gotta be famous for something other than racist legislators, drunken finger wagging Governors, and power hungry sheriffs right? 

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