Phoenix Suns Much Like Rick Santorum In Heartbreaking Loss To Warrriors Last Night

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The Phoenix Suns were a bit like Rick Santorum at the Republican debate in Mesa last night: They started terribly, got way behind, made a late comeback, but faded at the end in a stinging 106-104 home loss last night to the Golden State Warriors.
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Locals go into All-Star break with tough loss.
The last game before the All-Star break was a crusher for the Suns and ended a modest two-game winning streak for the struggling 14-20 team.

The Warrior's Monta Ellis hit a ridiculous fadeaway shot over a fully extended Grant Hill in front of the Suns' bench with one second to break the tie.

But Phoenix had one last shot at the win.
Remarkably, Channing Frye got free in the left corner, and had a pretty good look for the trey, but it fell harmlessly off the rim. His head in his hands, Frye fairly staggered off the court, knowing that he hits that shot maybe one-in-three times.

Golden State's win was its first in Phoenix in 13 games--the Warriors hung on for dear life after running out to a 17-point lead by the end of the first quarter.

The teams are very evenly matched this year, that is to say, neither franchise will threaten anyone seriously in the Western Conference, much less make the playoffs. But they do combine for some very entertaining games.

Tough game for Steve Nash, who managed only four shots in 34 minutes of play, though he did  amass nine assists. Nash's five turnovers in the first half were, well, uncharacteristic.

On the other hand, Marcin Gortat continued his steadily excellent play, pulling another double-double with 21 and 10. Frye led the Suns with 22 points.

For some reason, this year's edition of the Suns seem to play better on the road than in the formerly friendly confines of the US Airways Center. Maybe something will change after the one-week break for the All-Star deal.

Maybe it won't.

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