Paul Babeu Clowned By Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

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Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu officially became part of late-night comedy TV yesterday, as The Tonight Show's Jay Leno took up the sheriff's situation as an opportunity for some Leno-esque jokes.

Off the late-night laugh track, it looks like Babeu may have to deal with the state's Public Integrity Task Force.

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Paul Babeu could have done none of this sillyness without the faithful support of those who voted him into office and those apologists that hang with him now, insisting that he has done a great job.

He didn't give himself the job of sheriff. The voters did. And some continue to celebrate their redeemer.  Watch the irony when Romney loses in Arizona due to the bad publicity having Babeu cling on to him.  McCain said, "hey, he worked out good for me and I got re-elected."  Romney figured he would try the same thing with the darling of the Arizona Republican Party and signed him on as co-chair of his committee in Arizona. Too bad you listened to our GOP leaders, Mitt.

And remember, Babeu was a discard from the Massachussets small-town political scene.

Maybe Sheriff JT Ready will hire Babeu and Henry on to clean all them cool rifles they had to buy. Maybe wash the humvees. Fuel them.  Tasks that they are capable of.

JT might even take him out sometime in the field and show his what an illegal immigrant is. It is hard to track and trap one with TV camera lights and microphones clanking around on the desert floor.

Gem Rekordz
Gem Rekordz

FUCK paul babeu. He can eat ah dick! (sure he
has). Shoes on the other foot bitch how does it feel? You and your men and your
corrupt system fucked my life up over bogus charges. Glad the same is happening to you bitch!!! I hope everything that your going through makes you lose your family and cause you to suffer the way I have.

Paulina Perils
Paulina Perils

DANG this story, its everywhere, NY papers, the Miami Herald, etc. Those guys say AZ media incompetence missed the serious malfeasance aspect. Except of course the NT gets credif for slight clever mention of the Tucson stayover. But external AZ media do laugh it up calling the stayover to ketchup with Heinz the "ice cream social" with "ramifications", "bi" partisan cooperation, "hard lobbying." Some east coast media more address the puns and the quid pro quo $2M stayover than than the deportation harrassment claim on the illegal ex. But, of course the serious part of it is the top Sheriff was over general budget a million already then gets $2M from the bottom that could have gone on education, health care, etc. Did some people actually die after being denied transplants that were less than that State money given to the Sheriff? So who all was affected by this? Those people? The public? The judge brother, his lady friend running for Pinal Supervisor and Mitt Romney and? Will there be another book about ice cream $ocial with gay scorpions?


If Babeu makes it to the 2nd week of this fiasco I will be amazed, he is fixing to find out all them right wingers he hob knobed with will be no where to see as his scandal turns into a criminal investigation, I venture he will be lucky to just resign, he might find himself in a federal prison, since the state attorney general might investigate as a cover up attempt but this thing is not going away just because they wish is so!

Trevor Hitchin
Trevor Hitchin

Is it time for another Blazing Saddles remake¿

Sir, your department is now being 1,350 GLOBAL journalists. Tonight YOU make US law enforcement brass look like leadbeaters.....dull ones at that. WE spend enough to have a Sheriff in Penal County who is honest, respects ALL / hates NONE.

Babeu = Ujoke. I'm embarrassed to be an American tonight. Police brutality and hypocracy are so 2011.....You and Sheriff Joe A. gotta go &@godspeed!

Im calling for your resignation. Your H.R. Dept. took my call, thank them for that would you? I was heard and they were polite and professional.

But Sheriff, to whom do I send my request? I want your Badge.....WE 99rs all do. Oh now you're the gay victim.....???? Sheriff of the Year my big toe. You're the Sheriff, you were supposed lead by example.

How many shiny badges w 'Babeu' on them could WE Americans buy with your upcoming Settlements to your victim/exboyfriend? Or how many teachers could have received raises - well deserved raises? Do the math.

Viva Jose.....Hose hose B. You wasted my Federal tax dollars. Resign, it's time. Please.
-Tbone r.a. 777 Boise/Idaho


Greetings Mr. Hendley, and welcome (back) to Phoenix.  You sure blew in here on a big story, huh?  About this whole Babeu and "You Write the Caption" thing...  There has been some new information available to us recently that was NOT available 2 weeks ago, when Mr. King presented us with his final "You Write the Caption" episode, which featured a picture of Guv Glug Glug wagging her finger in Babeu's face.  I think we are entitled to a "Do-Over" - LOL. 

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