Outstanding Maricopa County Warrants Finally Back to Pre-Arpaio Numbers; Deputy Chief Paul Chagolla Debates AZCentral Readers

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An interesting story by JJ Hensley in the Arizona Republic yesterday mentions how the number of outstanding warrants in Maricopa County has dropped by 20 percent since 2008.

For years, critics have been juxtaposing the number of warrants with Sheriff Joe Arpaio's priorities, questioning why his deputies seem to have so much time for rounding up illegal immigrants but not so much for finding fugitives.

For the past few months, the failure by Arpaio's office to investigate sex crimes has replaced warrants as a symbol of the sheriff's penchant to put politics ahead of police work. And warrants aren't as juicy of an issue, because with all the attention on the warrant problem, authorities have put a dent in the numbers. Hensley tells us that outstanding warrants have fallen from more than 40,000 in 2008 to about 31,000 today.

The funny thing, though, is a stat Hensley chucks out at the end his article -- and which was noticed immediately by the first commenter on the story.

"(Deputy Chief Paul Chagolla) noted that the number of outstanding warrants is at its lowest since 1993," the article reads.

Sheriff Arpaio was elected in 1992 and took office in 1993.

Paul Chagolla

Taking the critics' point of view, (okay, we know you're not shocked), it appears that the fugitive problem is finally starting to recover from the negative effects of Arpaio's tenure.

More funny stuff can be found in the comment section of yesterday's article, as Chagolla takes on AzCentral readers who seem to find it hard to believe that Arpaio's office can do anything right.

Chagolla chides Hensley for allegedly failing to include his full complement of spin. Yet Chagolla's credibility is shot, in our humble opinion.

Arpaio's longtime spokeswoman, Lisa Allen, says Chagolla is a protege of disgraced, former Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott, a man known to skew statistics to manipulate the news media. Arpaio fired Hendershott when serious accusations against his trusted compadre were upheld; Arpaio claimed Hendershott had "duped" him.

Chagolla, along with Hendershott, was accused by another Republic writer of threatening her and her baby. Arpaio, in covering for one of the few commanders he still trusts, decided not to open an investigation into the alleged threats, which Chagolla denies making.

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LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

Paul Chagolla is nothing but a disgraceful corrupt individual. I do not trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

That said, the MCSO presumably had NOTHING to do with lowering the felony warrant count in Maricopa County. (remember the guy who escaped from MCSO in a laundry bin, and was later tracked down by the U.S. Marshals' Office?)

In today's Arizona Republic, on page B8, there is an e-mail address to the DOJ: community.maricopa@usdoj.gov. I suggest everyone who posts here send an e-mail to the DOJ and tell them what you think of the Flaccid Fucknut.

Not Surprised, Again
Not Surprised, Again

Of course, Chagolla has yet to really answer some of the reader's questions.  His answers so far are a combination of lawyer/politican smooze and side stepping.

LOL...guess it helps for Arpaio to have his son-in-law working on the editorial staff. Chagolla took it a step further this afternoon and actually wrote a letter to the AZ Republic, which was promptly published. His letter failed fill in some of the still missing details.


What does "presumably had NOTHING to do with lowering the felony warrant count in Maricopa County" mean? Are you suggesting that simply because there was no deputy assigned to the federal task force that no warrants were ever cleared by anyone within the MCSO? You do realize that task forces like the one in question are typically made up of one or two members from various departments and agencies? Not having ONE or TWO employees assigned to a single task force is not enough to negate MCSO from assisting in the clearance of outstanding warrants.
This warrants talkin point is overhyped and nothing short of a straw man argument. Those that use it show one of two things- ignorance of the truth OR intellectual dishonesty in order to further their cause.


^ What he said, and also, Chagolla sucks.


Thanks for the info LD19 Resident,I am going to E-mail the DOJ and try to get others to also send E-mails.

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