Maricopa Superior Court Seeks Comments on Judge Applicants

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Thirty-five lawyers have applied for the position left by the retirement of Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael D. Jones.

The retirement of veteran Maricopa Superior Court Judge Michael D. Jones this year left a vacancy that's seen no shortage of applicants.

Thirty-five lawyers hope they'll be the one Governor Jan Brewer selects to fill the job opening for a new judge.

Before that crucial step, though, the Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments will weed the field following public testimony at the State Courts Building, 1501 W. Washington, Room 345, starting at 10 a.m. on March 1. The commission will choose a short list of applicants who'll be interviewed on March 28, and Brewer will select one of three finalists to emerge from that process.

The public is is invited to comment on the 35 wanna-be judges by sending e-mails to until February 27. The applicants' applications can be viewed online by clicking here.

The court won't consider anonymous comments. But here on Valley Fever, we can and do. So feel free to let everyone know if you know any of these folks and what you think of their potential as primo robe-wearer.

The applicants are:

Bradley H. Astrowsky

Chris R. Baniszewski

Michael L. Barth

Justin Beresky

Harold F. Brenneman, Jr.

Theodore Campagnolo

Clifton Andrew Campbell

Terri Lynn Clarke

Caron L. Close

Suzanne E. Cohen

David O. Cunanan

John E. Drazkowski

Mark W. Hawkins

Pamela D. Hearn Svoboda

Michael D. Hinze

Steven K. Holding

Yancy A. Jencsok

Ronee F. Korbin Steiner

Todd F. Lang

Steven P. Lynch

Norma B. Martens

Mina E. Mendez

Bert E. Moll

Bernard C. Owens

Carolyn K. Passamonte

Wesley E. Peterson

William E. Ponath

Margaret A. Robertson

Maria Salapska

Louis T. Seletos

Joan M. Sinclair

Gary Michael Smith

Shellie Smith

S. Lee White

Gerald A. Williams

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Actually, one has to thank the operators of the Phoenix new times for their abuse of journalism as a political attack tool.

Personal attacks in the media, through the courts, thuggery and violence have been trademarks of marxist anarchists for decades.

Decent people really need to know how this sort of thing works.

Conservatives are in the process of shedding the warm blanket of decent behaviour and compliance with the rules at all costs. It shouldn't be long before there is a conservative version of the new times along with new times advocates.


 Since when has the Truth been considered an abuse of journalism?  Maybe for Binthere222, "Pravda" is the type of journalism he would be comfortable with. 

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