Man in Skypark Trampoline Mishap Dies; Online Debate on Safety Continues

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​A 30-year-old man who broke his neck at the Skypark Trampoline Park in Phoenix last Thursday has died.

Captain Scott Walker of the Phoenix Fire Department confirmed this morning that the victim, who's name still hasn't been released, died Sunday at a local hospital.

Witnesses say the man had jumped from a trampoline into the facility's "foam pit," which is full of foam cubes to cushion landings. The man was seen motionless in the pit for a short time before someone called 911.

Firefighters arrived in four minutes and found him not breathing and without a pulse. He regained a heartbeat after rescuers performed CPR, but Walker told New Times last week that by then, the man had suffered likely brain damage.

The facility at 3921 East Indian School Road remains open, but has closed the foam pit for now. Skypark's grand opening was on January 20. The owners released a statement about the tragedy, which we've republished below, in the comment section of our Friday blog post.

More than 150 comments were left on that post, with many people responding to comments by local businesswoman Gia Heller, who claims that the facility needs to shore up its safety measures.

Sky Park's statement is below:

We are deeply saddened about the accident at Skypark that occurred this past Thursday. Our concern is for the injured person and his family, and we are praying for them. We are investigating the circumstances of the accident so that we can know all of the actual facts. Out of respect for the injured person and his family, the location of the accident (the foam pit) is currently closed. The rest of the Park will continue to remain open. Safety has been, and remains, of the upmost importance to Skypark. Please join us in prayer for the injured person and his family.

-- Skypark Management

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Jak Teel
Jak Teel

I Recently attended this new Sky Park Facility this past Saturday (February 4) and feel they are taking all the right measures in safety that you would ask for in a public facility of this stature. As the manager of two aquatic facilities I understand that accidents will happen when you are operating a public facility. It is always saddening when you are dealing with an event like this and all you can ask for is the company take it seriously and act on it to ensure they are doing everything they can to minimize the risk for their patrons.  At the time of my visitation I was unaware of the incident that had occurred but found there was plenty of supervision and the rules were being enforced accordingly. Furthermore, the staff was diligent in their surveillance and were sure to take all safety precautions serious and always seemed to err on the side or caution. It is a heartbreaking loss for the family and it sheds a bad light on Sky Park as well but as I do not know all the facts of the event I will leave the speculation up to others. What I can offer though is my support for Sky Park and their staff as they move forward with their great facility and hope the worst is behind them in what should be a great addition to the phoenix area. I will continue to use the facility despite the incident. My condolence to the family, I am sure the lose is greater then we can see and my heart goes out to you.

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