Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro Murders: Five Arrested, Including Two Ex-Cons

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From top left: Michael Lee Crane, Shawn Nicloy, Brittnay Beinhauer, Kelly Steward and Danielle Rossman.
The Paradise Valley Police Department confirmed today that five people have been arrested in connection with the murders of Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro, whose bodies were found bound and burned inside their Paradise Valley home last week.

Police say the five arrested are the "major suspects" in the case, but that it's still an "open investigation," and that others may be on the loose.

The couple was found dead in their home near 40th Street and Camelback Road last Monday morning. When police got to the Shapiros' house, it was on fire. The Shapiros were bound and burned beyond recognition.

The only reason police went to the  home was because they found a car registered to the Shapiros on fire near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive before discovering the couple's bodies. After finding the car, Paradise Valley police went to the  home -- and that's when they discovered the house was on fire, and there were two bodies inside.

Authorities still have not released the cause of death, but say they've found a murder weapon and property stolen from the Shapiro's home.

The suspects arrested -- and the charges on which they've been booked -- are:

- Michael Lee Crane, 31, residence unknown, two counts first-degree murder; two counts kidnapping; two counts of armed robbery; one count of burglary; one count of arson.

- Kelly Steward, 29, of Glendale, one count of theft; one count trafficking in stolen property.

- Brittnay Beinhauer, 27, of Tempe: two counts of theft.

- Shawn Nicloy, 29, Phoenix: one count trafficking in stolen property, one count hindering prosecution.

- Danielle Rossman, 26, Phoenix: one count of possession of stolen property, one count of trafficking in stolen property and one count hindering prosecution.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections website, Crane and Nicloy each have served time in an Arizona prison.

Police remain tight-lipped about the investigation, but say statements made by some of the people in custody led to several of the arrests.

We should have more information tomorrow when we get our hands on the arrest reports for each of the suspects. Check back for updates.

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Two ex cons and three tweek whores!


What???? No illegal Mexicans???? That can't be possible!!!! Everyone knows that those durn brown-skinned folk are responsible for all of the crime that happens in AZ, Sherriffs Arpigo and Baboooo said so, and they are never, ever, ever wrong about anything. The white people in AZ are all fine upstanding citizens who never commit crimes....Right??? Right?????????????

Oops, left the sarcasm button on....sorry about that.


Which is probably why Arpaio didn't use this as a media stunt to further the hatred he thrives on. And Gov. Gin Brewer will probably zip it as well. Why doesn't she go point her finger at THESE five? Oh, wait a minute... maybe right now she is working on getting them a suite in the State Hospital where her son relaxes.


The sheriff's response was to arrest two maids with fake IDs. Proof that he is much more concerned with serious crime than the PV police who arrested these murderers.


 I doubt it....
If that was so the MCSO would be attacking liberals.


you two make no sense, but as LibTards, you aren't supposed to . . .

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