Joe Arpaio Sets Judgment Day For President Obama And His Birth Certificate

New Times
Bigfoot's next.
The results of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "investigation" into whether President Barack Obama is eligible for office are set to be announced.

MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong tells New Times the findings are set to be released on March 1.

Arpaio's been mostly hush-hush about the probe, but has promised his "birther" posse will deliver a "shock" with its findings on the conspiracy theory that's been continuously debunked for several years now.

Arpaio told New Times in November that the key to investigating whether Obama's eligible for the office of the president deals with twins born at the same Hawaii hospital as the president (allegedly), just one day earlier.

The sheriff said the twins' files could be found on microfiche -- meaning Obama's records should be there too.

If not, that could mean the president was born in Kenya, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Narnia, the North Pole, Iceland, or some other foreign land.

Arpaio still claimed that if the twin theory didn't add up, there was "other information" that could solve the case.

The sheriff's "birther" posse has received significant media coverage since the start of the investigation, including his front-page appearance on a supermarket tabloid and in the articles of conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Jerome Corsi.

Corsi had previously claimed Arpaio's new investigation into the president's origins was likely getting support from a Florida sheriff (he wouldn't tell us who) but when we phoned up the likely sheriff's in the Sunshine State, they all denied they were meeting with Corsi and -- surprise -- we never heard from him again.

Still, brace yourselves -- the "shock" is just weeks away.

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The people of Az voted Joe into office, this is the way it works. They can vote him out of office also depending how they feel. Our constitution or rule book for our country has ideas about becoming president of America. These ideas protect us from outsiders becoming president who might have bad intentions. If the president met the requirements then whats the beef. The truth is the truth, it can't be altered.


Everyone is racist.Only the honest ones admit to this necessary quality.

Roger Ogden
Roger Ogden

It's pretty obvious to anyone that has done any image editing that the birth certificate has been photoshopped.  For what reason is not clear.  The easiest thing to see is that a background has been put on it.  The hatched blue-green background extends past the edge of the page of the scanned image.  It's not just a simple, scanned image.  You would think, if they wanted it to be credible, they would distribute it as an untouched scanned image.  There are other issue, but that is the most simple to spot.


Joe Arpaio is a racist and a traitor to this country. He should be tried for treason and immediately executed.


Y'know it really does NOT matter what the results of his "investigation" are. The sheriff of Maricopa county does NOT have any jurisdiction over such a case.

What I find amazing is that the state of AZ is actually pretending he does, as if somehow should he make the President of the USA do anything.

Yes this is all for show, but for most the nation it's a show proving AZ has gone nuts.


Go Joe, stare them down!  Honest is on your side!

Our country has gone down a road where our children look up
and wonder if anyone in leadership has integrity.  Few leaders have
touched an honest approach to the shadowy skullduggery surrounding the 2008
election...and the world is just suppose to be okay with it.


Teenagers and young adults are in tune with what is going on
and watching to see how we make decisions and lead.  We can't blame them
for not being engaged if we can't make them believe that "right" is
worth championing for.


Politicians came become president.  Only leaders can effectively serve as


Young people serving in our Armed Forces and fighting our
wars have more integrity than the person sitting in the White House who has an enormous
role in deciding where they fight and maybe die.


See The
Military’s Moral Dilemma article

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