Jhessye Shockley Disappearance: Documents Found Dated Around Time Girl Went Missing

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Glendale Police Department
The search is still on for the body of 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley.
The search of the landfill where police believe they may find the the body of missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley continues into week two with no sign of the girl, as police say today that nothing related to disappearance has been found.

What has been found, however, are documents in the area that's being searched that are dated around the time of Shockley's disappearance in October.

Glendale Police Officer Tracey Breeden tells New Times that documents with those dates were first found a few days ago, and more continue to be found in the area they're searching.

Police believe Shockley's body was placed in a trash bin some time before she was reported missing on October 11, and her body was ultimately taken with the garbage to a landfill south of the Valley.

The details surrounding Shockley's disappearance can be found here.

The search, which began on February 6, is focused on a 180-by-200-foot area of the 691-acre Butterfield Landfill in Mobile.

Breeden says the search is "basically still in the same area."

While volunteers continue to by cycled in and out of the search, Breeden says there's no definite timetable for the search of the landfill, although police are prepared to keep the efforts going for a while.

"We know that the area that we're in right now could take up to six to eight weeks to go through," Breeden says.

Police have described the spot that's been searching as containing around 6,000 tons of trash -- about a day's worth, by the landfill's standards.

According to the cops, Shockley's mother Jerice Hunter still hasn't been too helpful to police in the investigation, although the Glendale Police Department said last week "investigators encourage her assistance and cooperation in this investigation and would certainly make a polygraph examination available through her attorney."

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It appears everyone but the mother and grandmother of the victim have been cooperating. I will assume the grandmother has enabled the mother's criminal behavior all her life, including the murder and 'throwing away' of the lifeless body of her daughter, and defenseless and dependent child.

At some point I would expect the grandmother to no longer be able to live with the burden of guilt and want to do something for the remains of the child.

Interestingly, when all is said and done, the mother likely will still say the child 'deserved' to die for her misbehavior.

In the mean time, unfortunately, the mother is still out there, breeding.


The grandmother and aunt are beyond devistated. They went to child protective services numerous times begging for them to step in and they didn't.  They raised the kids while Jhessye's mom was in jail for child abuse.  From what I've seen and read on this case, the grandmother is not at all close to Jhessye's mother. Shes been out front and center from day one trying to get media attention on the case when it was still believed to be a missing persons case. She has spoken out saying they want closure and you can tell she's devistated.  Any other kids that Jerice has will be taken by child protective services, just like all Jhessey's siblings. I hope they nail Jerice or whatever her name is. To sit there and scream and yell that people need to be out looking for her missing daughter when she knew dang well where that baby was, was bull crap!

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