House Ethics Complaint Filed Against State Rep. Daniel Patterson After Domestic-Violence Claim

State Rep. Daniel Patterson
UPDATE: We played phone-tag with Patterson for a few hours last night, but while we had him on the phone, he very much denied what he called "false" accusations.

Sixteen Democrats in the Arizona House signed off on an ethics complaint against fellow Democratic Rep. Daniel Patterson, of Tucson, following a published report detailed a restraining order and domestic-violence allegations from Patterson's girlfriend.

According to the language of the complaint, the latest news about Patterson is more of a "last straw" for the House Democrats.

"Based on our personal knowledge from media reports and personal conversations, it appears that Representative Patterson has engaged in a pattern of conduct that may be considered domestic violence," the complaint penned by Rep. Katie Hobbs says. "Mr. Patterson's girlfriend has filed a protective order against him alleging certain acts, which if true, would constitute domestic violence, including causing physical injury and mental anguish. These recent events appear to be part of a pattern of inappropriate conduct, including previous allegations by Mr. Patterson's ex-wife who obtained an order of protection against him."

Patterson did not immediately return New Times' call for comment.

He did, however, issue a public response in 140 characters or less.

"Allegations are lies from person w bad mental problems & violent criminal history trying to blackmail me," Patterson posted on his Twitter account. "I will not resign."

The calls for resignation came earlier in the day from several members of House Democratic leadership, but Patterson's apparently not hip to the idea.

We have a few calls out, so we'll keep you posted with any updates.

In the meantime, you can read the complaint letter below:

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When the local news team was trying to get a few Q & A’s from this guy, I thought he was going to beat up the reporter (5'3 female)...Dude clearly has issues...
When we elect kids barely old enough to shave...we are surprised at their immaturity?


Imagine that, Democrats having more ethic's than Repubitards.
Just as a snake would have more ethic's than Bozo Joe Arpaio and his command staff.
Wonders never cease....

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