Gilbert Homeowner Watches Snowboard Fly From Car of Suspected Burglars, Follows Them to Park

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pryor damien 1.JPG
Image: Gilbert PD
Damien Pryor

A Gilbert homeowner followed three burglary suspects in his car to a park yesterday afternoon, watching as they chucked his snowboard from their vehicle's window.

The excitement began at about 12:20 p.m. in the 3800 block of East Battale Avenue, when a woman noticed some dudes who had pulled in a red car raiding her garage. She quickly phoned her husband, who saw the red car pulling away as he drove down the street.

The hubby did a u-turn and chased after them. Soon after, he witnessed his snowboard being thrown from the suspects' car.

The three suspected delinquents, all in their late teens, stopped their vehicle at the park and tried to "reason" with the homeowner, according to a police write-up of the incident, saying they "did not want to get in trouble."

Too late.

pryor christopher.JPG
Christopher Pryor

When the man told the kids the cops were already on their way, they bolted -- only to be nabbed shortly after by Gilbert police officers.

Gilbert residents Christopher Pryor, 18, Damien Pryor, 19 and Jamison Ellis, 18, were booked into jail on suspicion of burglary.
ellis jamison.JPG
Jamison Ellis

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An attached garage is considered part of your home for the purpose of Arizona's Castle doctrine.  If you spot some hoods helping themselves to your stuff in your garage you have justification for putting an end to their belief system that helping themselves to other people's stuff is OK.


If momma had a 12g semi-auto she could have permanently solved this problem.


This guy is a fucking idiot below

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Sure, they're sorry.    After they got caught, but before that when they thought they had gotten away with the goods they were hootin' and hollerin' while chucking the snow board out the window.   

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