Dave Hendershott Will Take the 5th in Joel Fox Job Appeal, Says Lawyer; Read Updates on Fox Hearing

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Dave Hendershott, disgraced former chief deputy under Sheriff Arpaio, doesn't want to risk incriminating himself under oath in the Joel Fox job appeal hearings.

Dave Hendershott, the disgraced former chief deputy under Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, will invoke his right against self-incrimination if asked to testify in the job appeal hearing for fired deputy Joel Fox.

Barry Markson, Hendershott's lawyer, told Judge Robert Sparks in the appeal hearing today that his client intended to plead the 5th Amendment on all matters dealing with the SCA campaign-finance scandal.

The Arizona U.S. Attorney's Office still has an open criminal investigation into the SCA matter, it is widely believed. The state Attorney General's Office turned over the SCA criminal investigation to the Feds last year.

The scandal has been the subject of countless news stories since it broke in late 2008.  It involves the raising of more than $100,000 by Hendershott, other Arpaio command staff members, and wealthy posse members, and how the money was allegedly laundered through the Arizona Republican Party for use in a sleazy ad against Arpaio's 2008 opponent, Dan Saban.

The criminal investigation examined potential evidence of fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice and possible violation of several campaign-financing laws.

Hendershott, Fox and former Deputy Chief Larry Black were fired by Arpaio last May, in part for their roles in the SCA matter. (SCA, or Sheriff's Command Association, was the name of the secretive group that raised the money.)

fox hearing image 1.JPG
Image: Ray Stern
From left to right: Clarisse McCormick, Ed Moriarity, Joel Fox's dad, and Joel Fox.

Arpaio made his decision to fire the employees only after another deputy chief blew the whistle on that and other ethical problems and potential crimes committed by Arpaio's most trusted aides.

The sheriff has tried to distance himself from the scandal. Yet Arpaio recently said under oath at the Fox hearings that he knew about the fund-raising scheme that illegally benefited his 2008 campaign. He claimed he didn't know much about it, but it makes more sense -- in our humble opinion -- that he knew most everything about it, since the SCA scheme's mastermind was his trusted top aide, Hendershott.

In other Joel Fox news today:

* Chris Baker testified for a third time today, though we only caught part of it.

Baker's the political consultant who was tapped by the Arizona Republican Party to get the money from the SCA. After taking two checks totalling $105,000 from the SCA to the party headquarters, Baker then worked on the committee that produced the Saban smear ad.

Ed Moriarity, Fox's lawyer, asked Baker who he gave the checks to. Baker said it was Sean McCaffery, the party's former executive director.

One of the suspicious acts by the Republican Party officials in this scandal is that the checks were accepted and cashed without any explanation as to who the donors were. One explanation: There was no need to ask, since the Party officials knew who at least some of the donors were, and they knew the donation was improper.

Randy Pullen, then the chair of the state GOP, sent a letter to Fox asking who the "SCA" donors were -- but only after the money had been spent, and the anti-Saban ad aired.

After the ad ran, Pullen told the Arizona Capitol Times that the SCA money funded the ad. He changed his story later, recanting that seeming confession of illegal earmarking of campaign funds.

Under state law, it's illegal to donate to give to one group with the intention that the money will go to help a specific candidate. There are also campaign-finance spending limits that were apparently flouted by the SCA.

baker chris gop guy 1.JPG
Chris Baker, a political consultant key to the SCA campaign-finance scandal, testified today in the job appeal hearing for former deputy Joel Fox.

Baker, interestingly, is an admitted liar in the SCA case.

Pullen reportedly told criminal investigators with the state Attorney General's Office that he had asked Baker to find out the names of the donors behind the SCA, and that Baker told him he'd called Fox to ask.

Baker later told the investigators that he'd lied about that, and had never tried to contact Fox because "it was not his job to get the names."

The Maricopa County Elections Department pressed the issue in legal actions, demanding that Fox reveal the names or risk a $315,000 fine -- triple the donation amount.

Fox, who had claimed previously that he was the only person coordinating the SCA, admitted in mid-2009 that his bosses, Hendershott and Black, were among the donors. The wealthy donors included local developer Steve Ellman, James Liautaud of Jimmy John's Sandwiches and others.

On the first day of Fox's appeal hearing, Baker also said he lied to the AG's office investigators about never knowing Hendershott. He claims he said this because he was scared of Hendershott.

Baker, was reportedly considered a target in the federal criminal investigation of the SCA matter, records show.

* Speaking of the federal investigation...

As we mentioned yesterday, Moriarity put a motion before Sparks on Tuesday to delay Fox's case until it could be determined whether Fox was under investigation by the feds in connection with the SCA allegations.

Tom Horne, the state Attorney General, turned over the open investigation to the feds sometime after taking office in January of 2011.

Today, the question of the federal investigation remained unanswered. Clarisse McCormick, the lawyer for the County Attorney's Office who's representing the Sheriff's Office in the Fox appeal, said she didn't intend to ask the U.S. Attorney's Office about the investigation, and that it was up to Moriarity to do so, if he thought it was important.

It's unclear whether Moriarity will do that, though it does seem almost certain that if he does, he won't get an answer.

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Amazing the bullshit these criminals at MCSO get away with.
Anybody else would have gone to prison.
The Arizona justice is nothing but total bullshit.
No justice for some and injustice for everyone else.

Brian Sands...LOL...now there's a real piece of shit if there ever was one.


Understandably, ii's hard to keep the faith in our justice system.  I've been waiting since 2009 for justice on this outrageous SCA matter.  But remember, after this came all the absolutely incredible abuse of law enforcement power...going after judges, supervisors,Goddard, anybody that had decision making power that went against the desires of what the sherfff thought he could get by with,  trying to bankrupt the lot of Arpaio's perceived "political" enemies and/or vicious attempts to destroy the reputations of them.  Arpaio and Thomas were on a roll....with NO evidence to substantiate their claims, spouted out in accusatory press releases and press confernces.  

I doubt if the feds have ever run across anything that even comes close to this type of abuse of power... .It got worse and worse and worse, piling up and piling up more. 
The amount and degree of corruption within MCSO is monumental and likely unprecedented in this country.  It does challenge our patience, but I'd like to think that the criminal indictments are coming.  And they're going to be big and all-encompassing.    


....and as far as the DOJ goes, they are just as full of shit and worthless as Bozo Joe Arpaio.


I have no faith at all in the Arizona justice system or those that represent it.

I have watched and been a victim to the absolute bullshit it stands for.
It continually looks the other way when it's a politician, a friend of those that represent the system while total f-ing over anyone that is not.

I've watched them lie, withhold evidence, change evidence and destroy evidence. They will lie to get their convictions regardless of how many lives they destroy in the process and then just walk away with no accountability what so ever.

Whats worse is the judges that allow it to happen, they are no better than the criminals they sentence. Honorable my ass...

The only justice in Arizona is injustice.


He gives $100/month THRU A PAYROLL DEDUCTION, and has no idea what it's used for? Does he keep flying pigs as pets?


He is a PIG.


I suppose Henderbulk can't talk about what OSB knew either.


The Blimp worried that he'll say something that will earn him a stint it Club Fed.  How telling is that?


It's like a low brow version of the Godfather.

Term limits and a ban on cops double dipping pensions would be a good start.  Is there anyone at the top of Joe's organization that isn't working the public pension system for all its worth?

Chad Snow
Chad Snow

How about putting an end to electing law enforcement officers? 

LD19 Resident
LD19 Resident

How do you propose putting an end to elected law-enforcement officers?


how about a ban on all government employes double dipping while we're at it!


Barry Markson is as annoying as they come. I cant wait for the day when Michelle Larson claws his eyes out after he cuts her off to plug his twitter account.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

$100 a month going 'someplace', but why worry about it? Honestly, Mr. Sands, you can't expect anyone to believe that mush.

Hendershott is afraid of self incrimination, huh? I guess he no longer has control over what might be tendered as evidence.

Joel, give it up and go fishing. 


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 Sands is paid too much if he can not even worry about it.

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