Best Reader Caption For Photo Of Jan Brewer Fingering Paul Babeu?

Pinal County Sheriff's Office
Your caption here.
Last week, we asked readers to come up with their own caption for the above photo of Governor Jan Brewer sticking her finger in the face of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu -- an image that's remarkably similar to a photo that went viral the previous week of Governor Glug-Glug sticking her finger in President Barack Obama's face.

Get the whole story here.

We had a fairly low turnout for this week's contest (only 29 responses, all of which you can see here), but we've narrowed it down to five finalists.

However, only one can win the grand prize: a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, a firm handshake, and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix's municipal tap water.

The finalists are as follows:

A) Dynooomite00 with the following:

Brewski: "I don't care what Louie told you, my teeth are real dammit!"

Baboon: "Sure Jan, I believe you, its just like the time you found those headless bodies scattered in your yard." (to the crowd) "Where is her accountability manager? Someone needs to cut her off before noon next time we do this."

B) Superbowl sex worker (hardy-har) with "OK Ma'am, the alphabet does not have any numbers in it. You've failed that test and you couldn't walk a straight line. Let's try something else. Follow my finger with your eyes without moving your head. No ma'am, YOU follow MY finger with your, oh for christ sake. Turn around, put your hands behind your back."

C) LD19 Resident with the following:

Jan: "Now you listen to me boy. I have did what's right for Arizona. I stood up to President Obama, secured the border, I'm responsible for Arizona's comeback, I got a balanced budget created, passed and signed, etc." Hic!

Paul: "Have you been drinking or can I get your endorsement for my soon to be failed Congressional campaign?"

D) maybe368 with the following

Brewer: They say we're young and we don't know ,We won't find out until we grow

Babeau: Well I don't know if all that's true, 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you.

E) ernie lopez with "The next time you pull another stunt like the "Desert shooting", your ass will answer to this."

Cast your vote below.

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Dave Nichols
Dave Nichols

Babeu:" Cmon Jan give me a real bullet?"

Brewer: "No Way, you might shoot yourself like your Dip Stick Deputy Puroll Did!"


Paul: "Jan I told you to stick up your middle finger at the Obama, you drunk. That pointer finger goes up my ass. Put it down before I arrest you." 

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