Jan Brewer Set To Sign "Bath Salts" Bill, Which Still Leaves Concept of "Bath Salts" Legal

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Whatever is going in that individual's nose may be legal.
A statement yesterday from State Senate President Steve Pierce proudly announced that the Senate passed a House bill against "bath salts" with a 28-0 vote, and it was sent straight to Governor Jan Brewer.

That's great, except for a bill touted as an effort to "keep dangerous synthetic drugs out of the hands of users," it doesn't do that.

"Bath salts," for those joining late, is a name given to any number of synthetic drugs sold legally -- typically at your neighborhood head shop -- that are meant to be a legal way to get a high similar to amphetamines.

The legislature previously identified 30 chemicals that could be used to make the "bath salts"-type mixtures, and dropped another eight substances on the bill it sent to the governor.

But the number of chemicals that can be used to make the mixtures commonly referred to as "bath salts" is "staggering," according to Thomas Wright III, a Boca Raton, Florida-based attorney who specializes in cases involving these substances.

"To suggest they're putting a ban on bath salts is dumbing down the general public," Wright tells New Times.

Wright couldn't even make an estimate as to how many chemicals could be used to create similar effects to what's been banned, and the makers of these chemicals are generating new substances all the time.

Most people have probably never heard of any of these -- naphthylpyrovalerone and methoxymethcathinone, for example, are two of the new substances added to the list.

Consider a chemical known as "UR-144."

It's not on Arizona's list of banned substances used in products known as "herbal incense," which are supposed to mimic the effects of weed.

Even though it's very similar to other banned substances, not only is this one legal, but you can also buy it straight off the Internet and have it delivered to your door.

That one may be on the next piece of "emergency" legislation to ban more chemicals in the state, or the one after that.

But the concepts of "bath salts" or "herbal incense" still remain -- legally speaking.

"I don't see any reasonable way to legislate against everything that's going to come out," Wright says. "Every time you legislate against a particular product, you have to get law enforcement primed to enforce it, and you have to create the ability to test for it."

Imagine that conversation with the cops: "What's in the bag, son?" "Oh, just my methylenedioxymethcathinone."

As of now, that's legal. With Brewer's signature, it's not.

Unless the legislature gets pretty crafty in writing up the laws, the products known as "bath salts" aren't going anywhere.

Further reading: New Times' cover story on the subject, "Why Snorting 'Bath Salts' Is Popular -- and Dangerous."

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Another inane attempt to control the masses by the legislature and governor.  Granted "bath salts" may be available on the internet or in the local headshop but that does not mean there's going to be a run on them.  Keep people very afraid is the motto, and suspension of rights is the motive.  From this moment forward we no longer have a "Bill of Rights" we have a "Bill of Riiiigggghhhhhts [must be pronounced in condescending tone and punctuated with up and down movement of one's head]".  The same intent applies to "Civil Riiiigggghhhhhts".

How many people out there in lala land know that there are patents on our blood and DNA?  There have been cases where treatments and cures are held at bay because of that, in federal court no less.  The intent of the leadership in this state is no less than criminal.  The state is run by criminals and it caters only to likeminded criminals, they will spare no rod while beating their children, the voters.  And the correlation between the first statement concerning blood and DNA patents and the leadership of this state?  NOW we are being treated like subjects, owned objects or to be blunt..slaves...rather than citizens and voters.


In a state where:

 -Insurance for the poorest adults is suspended at will.
 -Transplants for the poorest citizens have been put on hold
 -Kidscare is suspended for the poorest of societies children.
 -Any and every voter inititiative coming down the pike is litigated, gutted or ignored.
 -The cops have license and leave to shoot anybody at will, with their agencies blessing.
 -Guns on campus
 -Gags on teachers
 -Betrayal of State Worker Rights, gutting of unions soon to follow (see Wisconsin for    game plan).
 -Constant defunding of the education department.
 -Private Prisons funding and prison funding rules the day, they get the most taxpayer dollars.
 -THE MOST CORRUPT Sheriff of one of the largest counties in these United States
 A war on people of Hispanic descent.

The list is never ending, it just goes on and on...the lies....the rhetoric.... the coverups....The list IS never ending

WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE...before it's too late!


And you forgot to add the Arizona Supreme Court... who doesn't want to enforce the VOTER'S LAWS!!!!!!  Even though the Arizona Constitution says they are REQUIRED.

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