Andrew Thomas Judgment Day May be Delayed Until April 2

A ruling on potential punishment for former Maricopa Attorney Andrew Thomas may be put off until April 2.

Citing the extensive filings and thousands of pages of exhibits in the ethics case, Arizona State Bar Disciplinary Judge William O'Neil decided to extend the time to make the ruling by 30 days. 

O'Neil and two other panelists for the Bar proceeding have the responsibility of deciding whether to disbar the former elected official and his former employee, Lisa Aubuchon. Another attorney, Rachel Alexander, faces possible suspension of her law license for her lesser role in the abuse-of-power allegations.

The panel could still announce their decision before April 2.

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Not that O'Neil should be the Disiplinary Judge anyway, afterall he has a conflict of interest and should of recused himself at the very beginning.  It now appears this isn't an open and shut case afterall and the corruption in Arizona's judicial system has run its course and out of gas in this witch-hunt.  Afterall, should Thomas and Aubuchon be disbarred they have an automatic grounds for appeal in a reasonable court and the O'Neil and the klan at the State Bar of Arizona will be trumped.

The good news for Arizonans is Stapley announced he will run for congress.  To us that already know the truth this means Thomas and Aubuchons findings will be brought to the surface of the campaign and Stapley won't be able to run from it anymore.  Now we gotcha Donnie boy!  

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