Valley Radio Legend Bill Heywood and Wife Found Dead in Scottsdale Hotel; Suicide Pact Suspected

Bill Heywood
Valley radio legend Bill Heywood and his wife, Susan, were found dead yesterday afternoon at a Scottsdale hotel in what police suspect to be a double-suicide.

About 1 p.m. yesterday, housekeeping staff at the Homewood Suites hotel -- near the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard -- found the Heywoods' bodies in the room they'd checked into the night before. Each, it appears, died from a gunshot wound to the head.

In addition to the bodies, the cleaning staff also found what reportedly was a suicide note, as well as two guns in close proximity to the bodies.

Police also found evidence at the Heywoods' Phoenix home that the couple had planned to kill themselves.

Scottsdale Sergeant Mark Clark says there's nothing indicate that anyone other than the Heywoods were involved in the shootings.

Heywood was on the air at the now-defunct KOY-FM for about 15 years. He also had several stints with KTAR and KFYI.

Recently, however, the Heywoods reportedly had financial issues -- the couple filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and recently lost their Biltmore-area home to foreclosure -- and Susan reportedly had medical problems.

Since news of his death broke last night, Heywood's Facebook page has become a cyber-memorial, with friends and fans expressing their shock over the apparent suicides. Check it out here.
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Women don't shoot themselves in the head. It's interesting the sacred nature this murder/ suicide is being portrayed by the media when it is one of their own.


hmm funny, but I remember a case I read about where a high school couple went out in to the desert in California near Death Valley and they both shot themselves in the head for unknown reasons.

BTW I didn't read that there was a murder suicide but rather a double suicide. Is this wrong?

After all I know a woman who shot herself in the head.

Eleanor Holguin
Eleanor Holguin

I know a woman who shot her dog then herself.  They were both ill and in a lot of pain. 

I think it is a valid choice whether most people agree or not. 

RIP Mr. and Mrs. Haywood

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