Senator Scott Bundgaard Calls it Quits Minutes Before He Was Scheduled to Testify at Ethics Hearing

Former state Senator Scott Bundgaard
*UPDATE* Bundgaard confirms to New Times that he has resigned. He says he'll speak with us about it later today.

State Senator Scott Bundgaard was scheduled to testify this afternoon during the Senate ethics hearing over the freeway fight he got into with his former flame Aubry Ballard. That didn't happen, though -- minutes before he was scheduled to testify, Bundgaard quit his job.

We corresponded with Bundgaard as recently as this morning. He made no mention of any plans to resign.

The Associated Press, however, reports that Bundgaard's attorney, Andre Merritt, told a reporter during a break from the hearing that Bundgaard was hanging it up, which allows him to avoid testifying.

We've contacted Bundgaard and Merritt for confirmation. Neither immediately got back to us.

Check back for updates.
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Joe Must Go
Joe Must Go

One more corrupt black-eye politician (pun intended) gone.... Arpaio and Brewer nextrand Arizona can return to respectability.


I'm afraid it will take a lot more than getting rid of Arpaio and Brewer to "Return to respectability." That can only be accomplished by also getting rid of the collective  mentality which has kept them, and those like them, in power for so long.


That is exactly the core problem behind the unspeakable mess we're in, shadeaux !

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