KPHO Thinks it Saw a Chupacabra...Again

KPHO: "Telling it like it is" -- even when it comes to animals that don't actually exist.
Say what you will about the local TV news-hounds at KPHO, but the station is again leading the way in chupacabra-related journalism -- for the third time in less than a year, KPHO is reporting a sighting of the mythical animal, which doesn't actually exist.

If you're unfamiliar with the fictitious beast, click here.

Under the headline "Could it Be? Another Chupacabra Sighting?" KPHO reporter Steve Stout tells the tale of a Tucson meteorologist who claims he saw a chupacabra.

According to Stout, "some think it's the chupacabra, the creature of urban legend."

"Rumors of the mythical creature have been bouncing around the Southwest for half-century. [Chupacabras are] said to attack goats and livestock," Stout explains in the article.

Again, just to be clear, chupacabras aren't real -- but that hasn't stopped KPHO from reporting on them every time someone sees a sick coyote.

Last April, KPHO claimed there was a potential chupacabra sighting in Goodyear. The station even had video of the alleged beast, which you can see here.

However, because chupacabras aren't real, and all, the animal seen in the video the station cited as evidence was more likely an ugly dog, or malnourished coyote, than the blood-slurping subject of urban legends.

In July, the station reported on a Texas boy who claimed he fatally shot a chupacabra. The boy turned out to be wrong -- again, because chupacabras aren't real. More on that here.

Read Stout's story here -- and be sure to tune in to KPHO tomorrow, when we're expecting an expose on illegal Leprechaun trafficking.

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Eleanor Holguin
Eleanor Holguin

LMAO, When I saw this on the news I thought of you, Mr. King. 

La Chupacabra.........too scary.

Alien Workshops
Alien Workshops

What's even scarier is seeing you completely naked. But J-King is right, that mythical bloodsucking creature of yore, doesn't actually exist. KPHO reporting on this simply means that they have no news to report for the day. But that doesn't stop me from watching channel 5 news to hear Kent Dana's reports on the MCSO and of course that sexy blonde news anchor lady.


all the news channels here in Phoenix are terrible. I could do a better job reading the news and I would stink.


...and Captain Kangaroo.


lol when I was little I watched reruns of Dukes of Hazzard, BJ and the Bear, etc. It's an age thing, but I know what you mean because these shows are about as real as Howdy Doody etc all!


The "News" shows here, especially the 3 hour clown shows in the morning reminds me of when I was a kid and the choices were "Romper Room", "Howdy Doody", and "Pinky Lee".

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