John Landrum Jr. Was Downloading More Kiddie-Porn As Cops Raided His Home

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John Landrum Jr.
We finally got our hands on the arrest report for alleged kiddie-porn connoisseur John Landrum Jr. Aside from having hundreds of images and videos of "child erotica" stored on his computer, he was actually downloading more as the cops entered his home to arrest him.

It also turns out that Landrum's an official with the Salvation Army, and does a lot of work with the homeless.

Phoenix police announced yesterday that the smut found on Landrum's computer was "some of the most egregious" kiddie-porn they've seen in a long time. Some of it was described in the arrest report -- we'll spare you the details.

Following a "proactive investigation," police went to Landrum's Phoenix home yesterday morning to arrest him. As they entered the home, in the 1100 block of West Welland Road, peer-to-peer software on his computer was actively downloading more kiddie-porn videos.

During the search, police recovered Landrum's computer and two external hard drives -- each jam-packed with kiddie-porn.

Landrum lives alone, and admits that the computer and hard drives are his. However, he claims, he has no idea how hundreds of images and videos of child pornography ended up in his possession.

Landrum was booked into jail on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 11.

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