Jan Brewer's Letter to Barack Obama: We Got the Rough Draft (Kinda)

Governor Jan Brewer yesterday released a copy of the letter she handed to President Barack Obama on Wednesday as the two argued on the tarmac at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Initially, Brewer refused to release the letter.

Regardless, New Times has come into possession of not only the letter the governor handed Obama, but a rough draft of Jan's note, too.

The draft seems like it's a little more Brewer's speed -- check it out below 

To avoid a nasty phone call from Matt Benson, Brewer's press secretary, we're inclined to note that obviously (well...maybe not obviously), Brewer didn't pen the above letter -- it's really just a (hilarious) product of the Internet we couldn't help but to share with our adoring readers.

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Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

That letter above does befit that sock puppet's grammatical level. Due in part in the fact that she was not very smart to know that pointing a flippin' finger in the face the President, as a Gov. of a backwarded state, is completely disrespectful and shameful.

The letter.....sadly that is Jan.

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