Governor Jan Brewer Leading By Example: No Wonder Phoenix/Scottsdale Rank High on List of America's Rudest Cities

As we noted yesterday, Phoenix/Scottsdale ranked among the top 10 rudest cities in America, according to surveys by Travel + Leisure magazine.

On Wednesday, our fine Arizona Governor Jan Brewer "has did" all she "could did" during an Arizona visit by President Barack Obama to live up to the reputation.

Brewer giving President Obama an Arizona welcome.

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Not Surprised
Not Surprised

Just think, this picture is all over the net and news agencies.  Brewer made a jackass of herself today.  We (and GED Jan) will be reminded of this each time we see this photo, over and over and over...

Deplorable pre-meditated publicity stunt (IMHO) by our governor who seriously lacks the diplomacy, dignity and manners she should have demonstrated as the representative of our state.

Shame on you Ms. Brewer!

slippery mike
slippery mike

"GO AHEAD,SMELL MY FINGER!" would be a prize winning caption......oh for a glass of lukewarm tap water from the orfices of phoenix new times.

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