Does Jan Brewer Deserve Credit For Arizona's Not Having a Complete Economic Meltdown?

Image: James King
Jan Brewer: I saved Arizona.
Governor Jan Brewer yesterday gave her third State of the State Address, during which she credited herself with taking "the helm" of the sinking ship that was Arizona's economy and saving the entire state.

At least she's humble.

See our post on Brewer's speech here.

Despite what she has to say about it, Governor Glug-Glug didn't single-handedly save the state from total disaster. However, she's been in charge for the last three years, and somehow Arizona still exists (although, the state's currently leasing its capitol building -- something Brewer hopes to change, despite reluctantly approving the sale of the buildings in 2009).

We want to know what you think: how much credit does Brewer deserve for Arizona's continuing to exist?

Cast your vote below.

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Actually, she and the rest of the right wingnuts are responsible for the state coming so close to an economic meltdown.
Scary thing is, she has a couple more years to get it right. (The meltdown, not the economy)


lol yes. That is what is scary.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Without knowing what this twit actually does on a daily basis it's impossible to vote based on what she says she has done did and didn't done did. (I typed this without a typeprompter)

I hope she didn't hurt herself patting herself on the back.

She now qualifies to be a county shurf in Arizona. "Take all the credit and give all the blame".

She has learned well in spite of her lack of edumacation.


"She now qualifies to be a county shurf in Arizona"

She wouldn't be any better than the county shurfs we have now. She has did well to try though.

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