Christian Turcios, Alleged Star of "Child Erotica" Films/Church Janitor, Pleads Not Guilty to Kiddie-Porn Charges

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Christian Turcios, former church janitor/alleged kiddie-porn star.
Christian Turcios, a 26-year-old former custodian at the Highlands Church in Scottsdale, was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of kiddie-porn-related crimes.

Turcios, it turns out, basically beat the rap on a child molestation case in 2010 -- then he allegedly got into the kiddie-porn biz, starring in his own movies.

Phoenix police were first called about Turcios in July of 2010, when it was alleged that he molested an 11-year-old boy at a church summer camp at Phoenix First Assembly, where he was volunteering.

Turcios refused to cooperate with police, and skipped an interview he'd scheduled with detectives.

According to Phoenix police, at the time, there wasn't sufficient evidence to make an arrest -- although, Turcios' still listed as a suspect.

So Turcios was a free man -- free to continue volunteering at churches full of children. Recently, he was hired to work as a janitor at Highland Church, where he'd also babysat many of the church's members' kids.

In October, Phoenix police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations started a "proactive investigation" into the exchange of kiddie-porn over the Internet. The authorities' investigation led them to Turcios.

In December, authorities got a warrant to search Turcios' home -- which is where they found a pretty extensive collection of (gulp) "child erotica."

Police found several images of children having sex. They also found videos of Turcios having sex with boys between the ages of 13-16.

Additionally, cops found a video of a 7-year-old boy undressing. The boy, it turns out, was one of the many children Turcios babysat through the Highland Church.

According to the Phoenix PD, Turcios "placed himself in positions where he could be around children during church camps and other activities. We are aware of at least three other victims (based on evidence collected at his home) however we have been unable to identify them at this time."

Turcios has been charged with 13 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, 26 counts of child molestation, and 13 counts of unlawfully recording. He's being held without bond.

Police fear there could be additional victims. Anyone with information about Turcio is asked to call Phoenix police.
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any guy who volunteers to be with kids all the time is suspect. Many guys don't even like their own kids. Even good fathers oftentimes don't want to take on the added burden of a stranger's kids. What kind of guy puts himself in this position constantly? A pedophile.


This might be the stupidest thing I have ever read and I've read every single one of the Nancy Drew mysteries. "Many guys don't even like their own kids." Just because your Father recognized early that you wouldn't amount to squat doesn't mean everybody hates kids or wants to molest them, keep those thoughts in your head if you don't want to reveal yourself an imbecile.


Gryphon50a said "many guys" she didn't say all fathers. My husband adores our 3 sons &  doesn't care how many friends come over. But he never offered to babysit or put himself alone with them.

Jason the 13th
Jason the 13th

Churches sure are hotspots for abhorrent pederasts, don't you think?

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