Andre Update: New Reward Offered For Info On Puppy Torturer

If you have any information about who's responsible for gouging out the eyes of a miniature pinscher and using him for BB-gun target practice a few weeks ago, call the cops -- in addition to helping to get a puppy torturer/potential future serial killer off the streets, the reward for information is now more than $3,000...and growing

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals already has offered $1,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for torturing Andre. The Feathers Foundation and the Animal Guardian Network have each matched PETA's reward, and now Valley animal rights advocates are seeking donations to help make the reward even larger

Andre was found about two weeks ago near the intersection of 102nd Avenue and Hess Street in west Phoenix. He was tied in a bag and left for dead in an empty lot. When he was found, Andre's eyes were covered in puss and he had BBs lodged under his skin.

Until last week, Andre's abuse had gone uninvestigated. More on that here.

Dr. Deborah Wilson, a veterinarian with Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue and Sanctuary who helped save Andre, tells New Times that police suspect a teenager could potentially be responsible for Andre's torture.

The hope is that whoever tortured the dog told someone about it. The bigger the reward, the more likely anyone with information will come forward -- that's the idea, anyway.

If you want to donate some of your own cash to the reward fund, you can do so by clicking here.

Anyone with information about Andre's torturer is asked to call the Phoenix Police Department.
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Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

Even if the "potential future serial killer" is a "teenager", according to the theory by PPD. The crime itself is too heinous and barbaric, to give a "teenager" a pass on this one. That teen, may need to seek some serious therapy, councelling, mental alterating medications, combined with juvenile detention. Hence the threat to become a "potential future serial killer", starts at a young age. Same with Dhamer.


*sigh* I think it's going overboard for everyone to keep suggesting this person is a "budding" serial killer. Most of them do not torture animals. Don't get me wrong, some of the more famous ones did, but not every serial killer starts via torturing animals.

However I agree with Stacy, they need to make an example out of the sick fucker that did that too poor Andre.

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

You're a "budding" up fool. Since you appear to be a bit sympathetic to the "puppy torturer". My guess is that person is your friend. You should come forward, claim the money by turning your "sick" friend in. It's the right thing to do.

Is your friend named "Jason" btw?


I hope they find out who did this and make an example out of him that it wrong to treat animals this way.   I am so heart-broken for this poor puppy.  I hope whom ever adopts him gives him a happy fulfilling life.

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